Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


26. Harry Styles my Prince Charming

What do i do now. She hates me. Im calling her for the 20th time. I look at the time and see that im late for the kids. I start to run to the music room. I enter it and get ready. 
"Sorry kids today is not my day get M to the third power were runing it today" the kids soon get their music out. I give them a time to warm up while i look through the music and then we tune.  They get their bows set on their instruments. I start to conduct. 
"One Two"
"AHHHHHHHHHHH OMG AHHH" all the girls scream. 
"Sorry i didnt know you still had a class" i turn around to See Harry standing there while the screams fade. I walk to him he gives me a hug. 
"Oh im sorry i forgot to tell you" i say as i let go. 
"Oh no worries babe ill just wait for you if thats okay?" he says as he takes a seat on one of the chairs. I smile and go back to conducting. We run through the music and fix things and have some laughs. I could also hear Harry laughing. When class is over Harry stands up and comes over to me waits till the kids are out. He holds my waist. 
"Ive beed dieing to kiss you but dint want to do it in front of you class" as soon as he finishes he kisses me passionately. When the kiss is over i open my eyes to see two of my best students standing in front of us giggling. 
"Miss.Marisol can we please have a autograph and a pic of your boyfrind please miss" they say. I laugh and so does Harry. 
"Sure knock your self out" i say with a smile. Harry sign a paper for them and has a conversation with them while im puting my things away. When im ready he takes a picture with them and they leave. 
"Ready baby" he takes my hand and walks me to the car. 
"How was your day babe" he starts the car. 
"Not so well" i say looking at my fingers. 
"Why it looks like those kids made you feel better"
"They did i love them its just that today i stoled every roll from Mya and she wasnt happy"
"Babe shell get over it" he kisses my cheek and we drive of. We go to the park and get some icecream. We get into one of those little boats on the lake and play around. 
"Babe it 7:43"
"Oh shit i need to go home" He laughs. 
"What?" i ask
"I sounds cute when say bad words" he looks into my eyes. 
"Shut up and roll the boat i need to go home" we roll the boat to shore and he drives me home. He drops me of a few houses away. 
"Bye babe" i kisses him on the cheek but he turns and i kisses his lips.
"Bye baby i love you princess"
"I love you to prince charming" i laugh and get out and walk home. I open the door and Chong greets me. I see my parents on the table. 
"Did you guys get things done" my dad asks. 
"We sure did i need to get some rest so goodnight" i run up stairs with Chong. I lock the door and try to pack things up in boxes. I get half done and go to bed. 
Harry Styles my Prince Charming 
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