Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


48. Dance class

I wake up and ready and then walk to the kitchen and see that Yes and Niall have made Breakfest. We eat and then we go to school. My day goes so slow but i really want to go to dance class. I go to vocals and i partner up with Yes to sing Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Manaj. When practice and when we are done we run to the gym for practice  We go to the locker room and change then head to the gym.

"Okay class i have a routine and i spoke to your teachers and i asked if we can have another hour to practice since the show case is on Sunday" she stands in front and the front and the Mixup song plays. Shes teaches us step by step. The first half of the hour we have half learned. We keep going till we have the whole routine and moves perfect. Then she gives us out spots and me and Sabastion are in the lead and Yes right behind me. We start to dance and to my surprise i dont forget the moves i look at Sabastion every time i feel lost. He smiles at me because he knows he getting lost to. When we are done Mrs.Pacheco works with some people including Mya. Yes Sabastion and me get a drink water.

"You havent lost the moves" he looks at me.

"I guess you can say that" i put my water bottle down

"So are you and Yes going to dance on the showcase?" he asks.

"Umm well yeah were dancing with the group but no were going to sing"

"Your sing to?" he asks with a smile and i smile back.

"Okay once more from the top" Mrs.Pcheco say and we get in our stops. The music starts and we start to dance.

"1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.." i hear Mrs.Pacheco count when we do i twist i see that she is counting for Mya who is geting lost. Mrs.Pacheco pulls her out and makes her look at me and the rest dancing. When were done we start again.

"Try to keep up Mya" we all look at Mya. "Ready 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.." we start strong.

"1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9" i say to my self and Sabastion looks at me and smiles. When class is over i change and walk to class with Sabastion. Th rest of my day goes nomal. I walk to the parking lot i dont see Harry. He told me he would be here. I get in my car and drive home wondering about Harry. I get to the apartment and open the door and see Liam Louis Zayn and Niall sitting on the coach. 

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