Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


11. anne cox


Once Harry pulls to the driveway i lose it i feel hot and im shacking. Harry turns the car of and walks to my door and opens it. When we get out of the car he holds my hand tightly. Im could feel my legs geting weaker and then i just lose it and fall bending my knees all the way. Harry quickly helps me up "woww what was that love"i say holding me up. "Im not going to lie to you in so frekin nervous Harry" im trying to stand up as he holds me by the waist. "Babe dont worry she will love you just as much as i do" this is for sure the day Ive blushed the most. Harry just stares at me "What do i have something on my face?". "No i just love watching you blush its cute"see there it goes again."Harry stop dont do that in front of your mom okay". "okay" Harry holds my hand tightly and walks me to the door he opens the door and yells "mum im here". I look around and see that its a pretty fancy house yeah of course having a kid like Harry she should have on. "Wait here ill go get her" Harry runs up stairs and i just stand there afraid to do any single moment."Her name is Marisol" i hear Harry coming down the stairs along with Anne. Once on the floor Harry brings her towards me. "Mum this is Marisol   and Marisol this is my mum Anne".Anne looks at me "Nice to meet you love" she reaches her hand and we shake hands "Nice to meet you to Ms". "Ohh please call me Anne"she looks at me with a huge smile. "sure Anne". "Thats better so you kids want to eat"i just cant believe it how cool is she."Are you hungry my mom makes thee best food" harry says looking at me like 'say yes'. "yeah im really hungry" Anne walks to the kitchen and we follow Harry holds me hand again. Should i let go did he tell her that we are dating well i dont let go and as we walk into the kitchen she looks at us and then our hands and gives us a smile. "So you guys dating huhh"."Yeah i guess today was our first date" Harry tells her with a kind of laugh. "ohh really where did you love birds go" Anne says this time get the plates out. "We went to the park for a while and then went to Toms dads ice cream place and then they came and well we wanted to come see me beautiful mother" Im so surprised of how he talks to his mom like this i would never talk to my mom like this on the first date."Im sorry that happened Marisol we are all getting use to it still love"she directs her head to me "Ohh dont worry". There is a short silence "So mum Marisol is from Mexico". "Really how cool love what are you doing her" she says distracted while serving the food on the plates. "Well i go to a really good school in Colorado USA and we have this test were if you do good enough you get a earned trip to a part of the worlds last year we went to Canada" By the time i finish not nervous anymore. "Then you must be a very smart young girl huh" by this time she is serving the drinks. "Well i guess you can say that" Anne laughs "Come on guys time to eat". We eat dinner by the way Harry was not lying she does cook the best. I guess my mom cooks good to but since this is new the taste is incredible. Once we are done eating its about 8:30 "So mum i have to take Marisol to her hotel okay and from there ill just go to my apartment with louis" he wipes his mouth and stands up. "Yeah honey drive save i love" he goes near her and gives her a hug and she kisses him. "Mum not in front of Marisol" i laugh along with Harry. I stand up and walk to her and try to shake hands but she brings me close and higs me. "Your such a nice girl" she tells me right in my ear. "thanks so much M...i mean Anne" we stop hugging and walk to the door. "Bye mum" "Bye M... i mean Anne" we yell at her and leave. Of course Harry opens the door for me and we get in the car and he drives me to the hotel. The drive is better than the first on we talk about the band and her mom and finally were at the hotel. "Wait Marisol i want to ask you something......umm are you okay with the girl friend thing". "yeah i am" i say trying to feel sure about it. "Okay and again im sorry for wah.." as he says this i lead and kiss he so delicate for about 15 seconds and stop. "Look i told you its okay" i open the door "Okay i love you" "Love you to" and with that i get of and shut the door and walk to the hotel and think about what just happened and almost faint thinking of it but in the inside im like  


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