this is a dance central fanfiction about angel and emilia


1. first meeting

tuesday at Riptide beach angel's point of view

me and aubrey were walking from the yacht enjoying the evening sky she said she had wanted me to meet someone wonder who it is. we were walking till aubrey suddenly sped up and ran to two figures that i could not make out who they were aubrey called me over . i walked over to see a tall blonde boy and a brunnette that was fairly attractive ''angel i want you to meet bodie and emilia" aubrey said  the blonde had a highly contagious smile spread wide across his face and almost immeadiatly held his hand out for me to shake and i did. "hola senior it is a pleasure to meet you ." i said then i turned to the brunnette and said slyly "hola to you as well mami" she just rolled her eyes and said 'yo' then she just plum in the middle of greeting she got down and started doing push-ups i could see her chest easier that way so i just stared till aubrey pulled me away "Angel if i were you i wouldnt even try she is probrably even harder to get then i am" aubrey explained seemingly to know exactly what i was thinking but i couldnt shake a weird feeling not even aubrey made me have"yo b how many push ups was dat'' emilia said while enthusiastically getting up ''exactly 90 in 55 seconds emi'' he replied looking at his watch "dang i need more practice oh well what do you guys say we get some grub" emilia said "just what i was thinking em hows bout some long jhon silvers on me" he replied "race you guys" emilia said jetting off like a torpedo, a torpedo with a nice butt "are they always like this" i asked "yup and this is an off day for them."

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