I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


18. That's When Everything Went Black

Priscilla's POV

Zayn was still sleeping so I was just playing on my phone. Then Harry called me once again. Ha ha he's so jealous. I picked it up. "Yes Curly, you call for me?" "Oh you know I could make you call for me!" Harry said. I blushed, thank goodness he wasn't there to see. "Harry!" I exclaimed. "Ahh you know you want me." Ugh Harry is crazy. "Haha whatever. So did you miss me or you need something?" I asked him. "I miss you! Haha and I wanted to know if you and Zayn wanted to come to our flat to hang out?" he asked me. He's so cute. "Somebody think I'm making out with Zayn?" I asked in a baby voice. "Are you?" he asked me. "Harry, I would never. These lips are only for you!!" He laughed. "Better be! So you coming or not?" "Yeah let me just get Zayn up and we shall be there! Byee!" "Bye!" I set my phone on the table and walked back to the couch. "Zayn, wake up!" He started mumbling. Probably sleep talking. What is this boy dreaming about? I pushed my neck forward at his head. "What was that?" I asked him gently. "I.......Love....You......P-" Then he continued to snore. Aw, he must be dreaming about Perrie. It's so sad that they're not together anymore. I shook his shoulder. "Zayn!!!!!" I repeated. Man, they were not kidding when people said he was a heavy sleeper. He jumped off the couch in surprise. "Whoa calm down Zayn!" I said holding his shoulders. "Yeah, you just scared me. "Whats up?" he asked. "Well Harry wanted us to go hang at the hotel for a bit. Jenn and Louis are not there he said. In fact they don't know where they are." I said. I wonder where they are! I was worried but not much because I know I am very paranoid at times. Zayn cringed at Louis' name. "Oh, well sure. Let me go clean up." He said walking towards the bathroom. 

Jenn's POV

I ran away from Louis Tomlinson. One reason I did it: So he couldn't figure out those hurtful people were right. One reason I shouldn't have done it: Because I am in a neighborhood that looks dangerous and I don't have money or know my way back To me and Press' flat. I was walking in the alley as I was thinking about how stupid I was. I reached into my pocket for my phone to dial Priscilla. Okay front left pocket empty. I checked the other. Empty. I checked the back pockets. Empty as well. Might as well get a tattoo on my head that reads "STUPID" The last time I remember seeing my phone was ten minutes ago when Louis was reading the Tweets. He still has my phone! This means I would have to see him or the others once again, that is if I get home! Not that I don't like the boys but Louis is probably showing them right now, and I don't want them seeing me in that way, the real way. I started to walk faster down the alley. The sky was orange, sunset, and nothing good happens in the dark. I turned a corner. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard voices. Slurred men voices to be exact. I did not want to stick around. I tried to tip-toe my best and fastest out of the alley. I stepped on a piece of glass. Which made a loud cracking noise and cut my foot. I bit my tongue so screams of pain wouldn't escape. But the noise of breaking glass got the men's attention. I heard quick footsteps. I tried to run but my foot prevented me from going fast. Suddenly I was surrounded. One started towards me. "Ooh this one looks fine! Wanna have some fun tonight doll?" he asked me. I could smell the alcohol in his breath. His hand tried to find the way to my breast but I slapped it away. "Don't touch me." I said quickly. "Oh we got a fiesty one here don't we? I like that, a lot." Then his face turned hard and he jutted out his jaw. "Don't you ever talk to me that way  bitch!" His hand balled into a fist and hit my stomach. I screamed as I fell to the cold cement. The other guys came and started kicking, punching, and even spitting. I couldn't even scream anymore because the wind kept getting knocked out of me. I started seeing black dots fill my eyesight. The men were still going at it. "OI! GET AWAY FROM HER!" That voice sounded unusually familiar. That's when everything went black.

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