I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


11. Oops

Harry's POV

Priscilla... That was such a long name! I'm going to dial her and ask what her nickname is if she has one. It took her until the last ring to answer. Its around 10pm so I probably woke her up. "Hello?" "Hey babe, did I wake you? "Yeah but it's fine." "Hey so do you by chance have a nickname?" "Um yes. It's Press, why?" "Just because your name is soooooooooooo lonngggg!" she giggled. That was hot. "Ugh it is not! But now I need a nickname for you!" I laughed a little. "Just call me Hazza!" "Hazza? Thats funny but your wish is my command!" "Oh so now I'm your ruler?" I said seductively. I heard shuffling around and a door shut. "If you want to be." she said back seductively. This was turning me on. "Oh I want to be alright." I said. "I bet you do. But let's do this in person." she said. "Awh you're no fun!" "You dont know that." she said. Oooh! "Oh really?" "Really." "Alrighty I'll remember that for later... Bye Love." "Byee." she said then hung up. Now I went to go ask Lou about him and Zayn. I opened my bedroom door and no other than Niall and Liam come toppling onto my floor. "Guys! Where you eavesdropping on me?" I asked as all three of us were laughing. "S-sorry but we were b-bored and Lou and Jenn are still in the room-" Niall burst into laughter again. "So we came to you for some entertainment and we heard your quite steamy conversation." Liam finished for him. "Whatever! I have to talk to Lou anyway." I scoffed. I walked to Louis' room and knocked on the door. Nobody answered so I walked in. "OH MY GOD!!" Louis and Jenn quickly unlocked lips. Jenn was shirtless and only wearing a bra. She quickly covered herself up. I couldnt believe this. "Louis, can I talk to you?


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