I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


9. Of course you can stay!

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Harry's POV

She kissed me back! Yes! That made me smile against her lips. Her lips.... they were so pink and plump and soft. Very soft. I mean I know we only met but I want to pretend its love. Haha get it!? Anyway I think I already loved her. I hope Priscilla felt the same. We kept on kissing or making out, whatever you wanna call it until we heard wolf whistles. We unlocked lips and looked up to face no other than two familiar fellows. "Well I would say get a room but you already managed." Said Niall. "Yeah they were on like Donkey Kong!" Liam said. Priscilla and I blushed. I got up from her and she got up too. She straightened her shirt. "Well I think I better be going." She said. "Can I have your number first?" I asked "I was hoping you were going to ask!" she said. this made me laugh. Niall and Liam asked her too. After she gave her number she started to walk out the door. Still limping a little.

Pricsilla's POV

As I walked started to get to the door being careful with my ankle, Louis, Zayn, and Jenn came in. Zayn looked mad but Jenn and Lou were looking as if there were no problem in the world. "Well you two look happy!" I said looking at Jenn. Zayn looked at me then looked away. What was his deal? Jenn giggled which made Louis smile. What? "Zayn, can I talk to you?" he must know whats going on. He looked up. "Sure." I led him into the hall. "Whats going on with you, Louis, and Jenn?" I asked. Zayn looked at the ground for a few seconds. "Well first off does Jenn have a boyfriend?" "No. But what does this have to do with that?" "Okay, so Louis and I like Jenn." "But Louis has a girlfriend!" "Yeah, I know. And I dont so I should be the one all happy with her!" Zayn clenched his fists. "Whoa, Zayn it's okay." I came in for a hug. He hugged me back tighter. I rubbed his back in circles. "It's okay Zayn. You'll figure it out. You can talk to me whenever you want." I whispered to him. "Thank you. I dont know if this is too much to ask but can I sleep at your house tonight? I sort of share a room with Louis..." he said trailing off. That was kind of weird but I would do anything for Zayn. "Of course, actually, you can stay as long as you want." We both smiled. We walked back into the room. "Hey guys, Zayn and I are leaving. He is gonna stay with me tonight." It felt kind of awkward saying this in front of everyone. I saw Harry's face grow with jealousy. He looked at me and I mouthed "don't worry." to him. He went back to normal. "Jenn are you coming?" She was staying at my house for a few weeks. "Um well since Zayn is going to be there he can take my room." "Oh no thats okay I can sleep on the couch." He said. "No its fine! I want to stay here anyway, since theres an extra bed I dont think there will be a problem here, right?" She looked towards Louis. He gave the biggest smile you could imagine as he put his arm around her waist. Everyone except for me and Zayn gave Louis and Jenn strange looks. Louis noticed and removed his arm and fake coughed. "Well, we'll get going." I said to break the awkward silence.

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