I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


16. Nobody knows

Jenn's POV

I was still reading Twitter hate until I heard Louis start to awaken. I looked over and he was looking at me with a concerned face. "What's wrong?" he asked me. "Nothing." I replied all too fast for believing. He came over to my bed and laid next to me with his head propped up on his hand facing me. "I know something's wrong. Please tell me." He took his thumb and slid it across my cheek wiping away tears I didn't know I shed. I tried to get off the bed but he grabbed my hand. "Please." "It's nothing Louis. Just a little Twitter hate is all." I said as I shrugged my shoulders and started to get off the bed. "Jenn." Louis grabbed my wrist and looked me straight in the eyes. That is a look I never want to see again from Louis. His eyes felt like they were reading every single thing about my past. The past I refuse to talk about with anyone. Only Press knows. I sat back down. "Show me." "What?" "Show me the Tweets." he repeated. I cant show him, he will realize they are true. "I can't." I said as started to back away to the door. "I can't." I repeated again running out of the hotel tears flowing down my face. 

I had been walking to nowhere for hours. My legs were starting to hurt and I decided to sit in the alley with my back resting against the wall. I put my head in my hands and started crying. Old memories from my childhood. I remember how every single day went. I always skipped breakfast in the morning because there wasn't enough food. Then I would walk to school there and back and each trip took an hour. My parents never drove me because they were either hungover or too busy hating me. The only time the drove was when they were going to a party or out for a drink. Then at school there was Ally, Brittanie, and Sara. They tortured me verbally and physically at every chance they could get. I can't take criticism because it would remind me of them and the horrible things they made me do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I walked into school with two minutes to spare before a tardy pass. Thank God, I was usually late which gave me a beating at home. No not the time to think of this now, I'll break down in front of everyone if I thought further. I went to my locker and started emptying my bag.  I was almost done when The A.B.S. came over. (Ally, Brittanie, and Sara's group name) I quickly closed my locker and clutched my binder to my chest as I sped walk to class dragging my feet. "Hey Cow! Don't drag your feet you're going to make tracks in the school that way!" Ally said. I heard the clacking of their heels and I knew they were catching up to me. "Well actually that wouldn't be so bad because we can find her easier and beat her longer." Sara said. Brittanie put a hand on my shoulder which made me stop walking. "Don't ignore us Cow, you'll regret it." She hissed into my ear as her hand clenched tighter. Then she spun me around harshly with my hair so I was now facing them. Ally slapped me hard in the face. "You hear?" she said. Sara chuckled as she pushed me to the floor. My binder rings broke on the impact and everything fell out. That was the only binder I ever had and I didn't have enough money to buy another. Brittanie gave a hard kick into my back. Then they all left. But before they left Sara hissed "Don't forget about later, we'll get you." All three of them  were lesbians. Once before they hated me they wanted me to have sex with them but I said no. So they do it to me everyday. It's not worth trying to stop them cause they would do it worse. After they beat me they made me ten minutes late for class. 


These were the memories I wish I could forget. Nobody knows. Priscilla only knows that I was bullied. Nobody will know anymore to that. If I had to tell. They would always say the same thing to me in the end. "Don't ever tell or we'll personally kill you in the worst way you can't even imagine." That scared me forever. I am not a lesbian though. I wish they could've stuck with the abuse but no, they had to rape me everyday. I heard footsteps and I huddled into a ball trying to make myself invisible but I was sobbing too hard to be quiet. "Jenn?" 

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