I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


19. Jenn, Vas Happenin'?

Zayn's POV

Priscilla and I entered the hotel room containing a suspicious Harry and a bored Liam and Niall.  We all were sitting in the living room. "So how have you guys been tonight?" Priscilla asked. "Oh you know, just hanging out." Liam replied. "Don't forget eating! You can't spend any night without eating!" Niall chimed in smiling as big as he could. We all started to laugh a little. "So, where are Jenn and Louis?" I asked. Everyone stopped laughing and their faces turned serious. "We don't know. We haven't seen them since seven p.m." Harry said.  "Have you guys tried calling them?" Priscilla asked. "Yeah all three of us texted and called them. No answer from either one of them." Niall answered, biting his nails. "It's twelve-thirty a.m., you're telling me they've been gone for six and a half hours and you haven't called the police?!" I yelled as I jumped up from the couch. They all looked startled. "You know what you're right Zayn, I'll dial the police and--" Liam was holding his cell when he was cut off by Louis bursting throught the door with Jenn in his arms. We cleared the couch as he made his way there. He set Jenn down. We all stared down at her. My heart broke into a million pieces. She looked so broken, I would've thought she was dead if her chest wasn't slowly rising and falling a few times every minute. There were bruises all over her face. Her eye was turning blue around the area. Her forehead had a huge bruise up on one corner. Her nose had a small amount of blood beneath the nostils. Her bottom lip had a cut on it in the middle. At first everyone was too shocked to speak, but then I asked Louis, "What happened?" not making eye contact with him while I was still staring at Jenn. Nobody lifted their eyes from her. "Well she ran from me and into and alley on a... bad side of town... and I didn't go after her. I heard a scream and chased after it. She was being attacked by a group of men. I... made them go away... and took Jenn back here. Anger rose inside me. "You didn't go after her?" I asked Louis with my teeth and fists clenched. Louis could tell I was getting furious. He backed one step away from me and looked down. He gulped before he started talking. "No, I-I d-didn't." "LOUIS!! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT COULD'VE HAPPENED IF YOU DIDN'T FIND HER???? WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LET HER LEAVE?? WHY DID YOU NOT GO AFTER HER? LOUIS, IT IS LATE AND DARK OUTSIDE! AND YOU WERE ON A BAD SIDE OF TOWN! LOUIS, COULD YOU HAVE GOTTEN ANY STUPIDER???!" I yelled at him. He and everyone else except the knocked out Jenn looked shocked. I was about to swing at Louis but he ducked before my fist could meet his face. I tried again but Harry yanked me back while Liam held back Louis. We were staring each other furiously in the eyes. 


Liam had finally calmed Louis and I down. At least calm enough to not smash each other's faces. We were sitting on the couches, across from another. Although we were sending each other death glares. Harry had his arm around Priscilla while she napped on his chest. Just then Jenn started to move. Everyone turned their attention to her. She sat up real fast. I ran to her side. So did Louis. We held each arm to steady her. "I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!" LET ME GO!" Jenn yelled. She looked around at all of us with nervous eyes. She tried to wiggle her way out of our grasps but failed. I think all of us except Jenn had the same question on our minds. What is wrong with Jenn?

END OF CHAPTER. A/N: Soo sorry for updating all late about it. But you know, school and drama :/ But I hope you liked it! I think I might upload some more tonight. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! 2013 is gonna bring me some good hopefully. Also I just made a 1D Instagram account so follow me yeah? @teenage_dirtbag_babe Hope you liked the chapter. Feedback is always appreciated!

Until next time loves,

Mia <3 


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