I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


8. Get it?


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Louis' POV

Jenn and Zayn looked at me confused. "Just one second Zayn." I said. I nodded to Jenn as Zayn and I walked out the room. "Vas happening?!" Zayn asked thinking this was a joke. "Zayn, this isnt funny." I said. His smile faded. "Oh, what is it then?" he asked. "Do you like Jenn?" I asked with my tone rising with anger. "Maybe, why?" "Answer!" I yelled at him. "Okay I do, so what?" "Well I like her so back off!" I yelled again. Wait, what did I just say... please dont let it be too late to take this back! Zayn looked at me, confused and worried. "What did you just say?" he was whispering now. "I dont know..." "You have a girlfriend!" He challenged. "Well so what?! I am gonna ask Jenn out and there's nothing you can do about it! Get it?!" Wow, my anger was really coming out. "What about Eleanor?" he asked. Oh boy.... I wish I knew. I didnt answer him. I just went back inside to Jenn. Jenn, Jenn, Jenn. All I could think about! What happened to Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor?? I tried concentrating on Eleanor but as I got closer to Jenn those thoughts faded. "Hey, hey!" "Oh hey Lou!" she said smiling. I smiled too. I love how she says Lou. "Hey, I was wondering if I could get your number so if I have bad dreams I can call you." 

Jenn's POV

"Hey, I was wondering if I could get your number so if I have bad dreams I can call you." Louis said as he winked at me. Little weird with the winking since he had a girlfriend, but this is how Lou usually is right? Random? "Sure of course Lou! Anything for you!" I wrote down my number and gave it to him and I winked back at him. 

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