I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


6. Backstage

Priscilla's POV

The rest of the concert was amaZAYN like you would expect. Haha, see what I did there? Anyway, I kept seeing Louis whispering to Harry and Harry would start to blush. I saw him glancing over at me many times. After the concert Jenn and I went to the backstage entrance with our passes. Besides us there were six other girls. Those girls were annoyingly excited and they started jumping up and down squealing. I mean, I feel the same way but i'm not being a spaz about it. But..... I GET TO SEE HARRY! I swear, that boy is one sexy beast. But what will he do if I tell him i'm 16? I decided to let that thought go for now. Soon enough a security card came and checked our passes then let us to the boy's dressing room. All the other girls completely freaked out. Too annoying. Tip #1: DO NOT spaz out in front of celebrities. I shot them a look that read "Shut up." and they went quiet. The boys came into the room and Louis saw me. He smiled and nudged Harry in his side and said "Well that was easy enough." I was confused. What did Louis mean? "You're Priscilla, right?" Lou asked me with his eyebrows raised up. Everyone looked at me. "Yes I am. And you're Louis, right?" I asked making a joke. Louis held his hand to his chest and gasped. "How dare you not know who I am!?" We all laughed. "And this is Harry!" He said, pushing Harry at me. "Hello." Harry said looking into my eyes. I looked back. Those green eyes were just so... breathtaking. I couldn't look away. "Hi." I said. I knew I was totally blushing. "Well boys, why don't we let these two get... acquainted... and let's move over there and talk to these girls?" Louis said. I smiled and looked down. As Jenn walked over with the boys she looked at me and winked. 

Harry's POV

Always leave it up to Lou to get me with a fan. But this one was so beautiful. When she came on stage I was so shy instead of my usual cheeky self. Thats the impact she had on me. If she wasn't 19 and something younger, I wouldnt have made my move. But she is, so i'm lucky. I wanted to be alone with her and have some privacy so I can get to know her. "Here come with me." I said to her. She looked a little confused so I took her hand and led her to my hotel that was just across the street from the concert arena. "Where are we going?" She asked me as I started to run outside. "Somewhere private." I answered back. There were paparazzi outside so I grabbed her hand tighter. We finally made it into my room. It was so dark. The light! I always couldnt find the switch like usual so I started feeling the walls for it. Priscilla saw me and knew what I was doing and she started doing it too. I heard her fall just as I found the switch. I quickly turned the light on and went to her. 

Louis' POV

Oh Harry, Harry, Harry. All ready wanting to get with his girl. Well thats him. If he didnt take her I'd swear he was an impostor! Priscilla's friend Jenn though, she was hot. Wait, Lou! Stop! You have a beautiful girlfriend named Eleanor Calder! *sorry idk if thats the right way to spell her name* But not as beautiful as Jenn... Oh second voice in my head, why can't you become friends with my sense of reason? Or was this my sense of reason talking? 

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