I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


4. Ansty

Jenn's POV

*This is just Jenn's POV of what just happened in chap. 3. Very short!*

Okay!!! It was almost time for Press to get on stage! I could not wait! During the concert she was screaming out for Harry. I mean, of course no one could resist One Direction! I knew she was lying to me all along. Press kept looking at me while they were reading Tweets from fans in the audience. If only she knew what I had planned... Finally they read my Tweet! I let out a little scream. Press just looked at me and stared with her mouth wide open. I think she was frozen. So I just started to push her up to the stage.


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