I'll Fight For You

Priscilla and Jenn go to a 1D concert. As does almost every fan-fic start. But cheating, lying, and self harm all together in one story? In this one there is.


17. Anonymous Screams

Louis' POV

I had been searching for Jenn since she ran out. I didnt want her to get hurt. I don't understand why she  wouldn't show me the Tweets. I need to find out why. About an hour later I was crossing an alleyway when I heard crying. I peeked in and there sat a girl who looked a lot like Jenn. "Jenn?" I gently asked. She looked up with her eyes puffy. It was Jenn. I was shocked. Why did she run? I stepped closer to Jenn and knelt down so we were face to face. "Are you alright?" I asked her lifting her head with my hand. She was looking at me quietly in the eyes. "I can't," She studdered out. "You can't what?" I asked. She grabbed her phone, tapped the screen a few times, then handed it to me. It was opened to Twitter. Jenn put her head down and hugged her knees as I read. Were people really this cruel? I could not believe what I was seeing. Words like bitch, fat, slut, attention whore, homewrecker, and so on. I had my mouth in the form of an "o" I locked her phone and slipped it into my pocket. I looked at Jenn and saw her shoulders jumping up and down. I combed her hair with my fingers as I pulled her into a hug. She hugged me back tighter. I wish we could be like this forever. Wait, what! Louis, STOP! PULL AWAY FROM HUG! I tensed and backed out of the hug. Jenn started to cry even harder. I immediately regretted what I did. "I have to go..." she said wiping her tears. Before I could respond she ran off and disappeared around a corner. I started walking back to the hotel. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a high pitched scream. 

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