The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


2. The weird happening.

The events that follow, I regret to write. It all started at 3:00 in the morning. A blood-curdling scream travelled across the entire school. Bringing all the pupils and staff of Grim Boarding school shuffling and pushing in Clarissa Reed’s dormitory, however, there was something I should’ve noticed but didn’t, not then. Clarissa was lying on the bed, her tear-stained face screaming:


Matron and the school secretary pushed through the jostling crowd around her bed. Hesitantly, secretary shushed Clarissa, smoothing back her hair and keeping her calm. Matron sat down on the end of Clarissa’s bed, bouncing it slightly. Her face didn’t show any sympathy, still, she gently took her temperature and calmed her down a little.

“Delirious” she said, nodding grimly. Miss Tam, the school secretary; again, pushed through the school children and into the en suite and came back with a dampened flannel, gently cleansing Clarissa’s forehead. We watched anxious, then practically had a heart attack when Matron barked

“Go back to your own dormitories, Go on! Away!” We all scurried out with backward glances at Clarissa and returned to our own dormitories. That night, I couldn’t get to sleep; something kept sticking in my mind. It was like an itch just beneath my ribs that I couldn’t scratch. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it.

At some point I went to sleep and woke up again at dawn. The first few rays of sunlight beamed through my window. Acknowledging the fact I probably wouldn’t get any sleep at that rate, I pulled back my cover and crept over to my window. Surprisingly, Marianne was wandering aimlessly about the courtyard. Ok, you’re probably thinking: go and get her! But just remember it was dawn and I could have been delirious from sleep-loss. Anyway back to that morning/night....

Suddenly, it struck me! Marianne wasn’t in Clarissa’s room when she had screamed.

Scared of what I knew, I tip-toed back to bed and lay awake thinking. Something was going on and Marianne was the centre of it..........





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