The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


5. The Plan

I yawned, bleary eyed and bored. I looked at the big clock on the wall. Ten-thirty, far too early for fractions and decimals. I yawned again and scibbled the sums on the board and copied off Sadie, who was sitting next to me. I somehow trudged through the rest of the day and then collasped on my bed. Then everything went black. I then woke up at quarter to six. Feeling dead I got up and decided to take a walk. I spied (not the game) on Marianne as she yet again tailed Sadie. I felt that the world was different. And I didn't like it. I came up with a plan not a very cunning plan. but a plan. I was half-way through planning it on paper when I got a knock at the door. Miss Barnes (the housekeeper) shuffled through the door and handed me a thin package. I took it from her and she shuffled out the room without saying a word.

"Thank You!" I shouted out the open door. I tore open the flap. And pulled out a short letter and red-jeweled pendant. I read the letter:

Dear Victoria

    This will come as a shock as you haven't heard from me before. I am your great aunt Gracie and my last days are coming and soon I will not be here anymore. As you were such  a good great-niece. I enclose with this letter something I would like you to have. I have a feeling you will need this soon. I will miss you. Even though you won't remember me. I remember your mother and father well. Such  a good couple.

                       Lots of Love and best wishes

                                                  Your Great-Aunt Gracie

P.S Wear this pendant always, do not, under any circumstances take it off. Please. You must!


I unhooked the catch and strung around muy neck then tucked it my shirt. Then the RRRIIIIINNNNNNGGG! Of the bedtime bell rang and I clambered into bed and set my alarm to eleven forty five.


Ding-Dong-Do-Dah-Ding-Dong-Dooh-Dah. I jolted awake at the sound of the alarm. And  rolled out of bed (it wakes me up) Then got up and crept along the empty corridor until I reached Sadie's dorm. I slowly turned the handle and pushed the door forward......  

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