The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


7. The circle of rocks

I carried on reading the book;

Once the shadow priestess has been destroyed, you must return the fateful souls' lives by making them drink from the goblet of remeberence.

Another illustration, this time of an ornate jewelled goblet. I fingered my necklace while thinking, where could it be? I, being quite stupid stood like a lemon for half hour thinking and not taking the logical path of turning the page. Once I did, it carried talking  about the goblet.

This goblet is a rare and treasured artifact and can only be found in the tomb of stonehenge. The circle of rocks.

The chapter did actually end there (I checked the next three pages) I carefully put the big leatherbound where I had found it and ran out of the library. Only to go straight into a clump of my 'school friends' I charged through and only got greeted by Marianne.

"So, you incompetant child, I have found you" She snarled and started circling me like a predator circling it's prey. My breathing quickened as she got closer. Panicking I took out the last resort card.

"Look over there!" I shouted and pointed my finger at the wall. As heads turned (including Marianne's) I bolted out of the group and ran faster than ever to the grand hall. Where I nestled in between two long tables and curled up in a ball hidden from sight. I waited for fifteen minutes until the coast was clear (Or to get rid of the cramp that was growing in my foot) And ran to the mirror. I looked at myself. I looked a mess. My hair was still bedraggled and messy from being in bed and my clothes crumpled and over-worn. Still nothing could be done about it. I leaned forward as a something had gone in my eye. It was very uncomftertable. When I noticed a little text inscription:

As the shadow age dawns and a heroine rises. The pathway to the circle of rocks once again opens. Come through my child and face your destiny......

Not really thinking straight. I closed my eyes and made a step into the mirror. When I opened my eyes it was complete darkness and I was falling..... Falling FAST. After what felt like an age. I landed on my tooshie on  a faraway field and through the mist, I could just make out. A circle of rocks. I sprinted to the center and stood. Catching my breath, I stood still. When the world seemed to get darker and shadow was cast over where I stood. Shrouded in mist, a dark figure stood. Even though there was so much mist. I knew those red piercing eyes of Marainne's were there and looking at me. I back-tracked until I hit the center stone and hole opened up beneath me. Before I knew it. I was falling again....

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