The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


4. More dissappearances

I breathed heavily and blinked. It couldn't be! But it was. I could've sworn the world spun. The librarian tapped me on the shoulder.

"Are you alright lovie?" She asked tenderely. I blinked.

" Uh.....uh, Yeah, I'm fine" Then thrust the book in my bag and dashed out the library. I could feel everybody's eyes on me as I left the library. The double doors swinging. As soon as I got into the main part of the school, I was imediately swamped by people moving about the building frantically in an obvious panic. I grabbed Sadie as she tried to push past.

"What's happening?" I asked worried.

"Haven't you heard"She asked, nibbling her bottom lip. I shook my head and her face seemed to pale.

"what? What is it" I practically screeched grabbing her shoulder. She bit her lip and her eyes expressed pure panic, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Th-three students have gone missing without a trace and-and...." She trailed off.

"WHAT!" I screamed so loud; the panicky crowd actually stopped and stared. She furrowed her brow. took a deep breath.

"One of them is Elsie" she finished. I opened my mouth. But no sound came out. I leaned against the wall and sunk to the ground. My best friend who I'd known since I was five and was like a sister to me. Had gone missing. I took a few more deep breaths then ran back to my dorm. I looked around my room......With Elsie's stuff all round the room. I sat on the bed and cried a bit (I was never really much of a crier) Then looked out the window. Marianne was on the playground. She was actually on the playground. Then I noticed her eyes they were bright red and piercing. A second or so and the illusion was gone. Her eys were roving. Then locked on Sadie-Jo. I continued to watch Marianne. She was following Sadie like a hawk, however she seemed to fit in wherever she went. Like a chameleon. Even though it couldn't be proved it was Marianne. I knew.. Just KNEW it was her. I was going to catch her and if it was the last thing I did (It wasn't don't worry).........

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