The School

This is a twisted tale written in 1st person about a girl's personal experiences. This isn't actually tue obviously.


6. I don't like school

As I crept into Sadie-Jo's room; I felt like a stalker, feeling creeped out by the thought. I repeated in my head that it was for Sadie's own good. After studying her room. I opened the wardrobe door and clambered inside. And waited. And waited until..... Sadie's handle went down and a dark shadow of a figure glided in. I heard the figure take a deep breath then it began to talk. But the voice it spoke with was not an earthly voice. It was the voice of a girl who died long ago; the singsong tone sending shivers down my spine. The words, however were something I will never forget:

"Sadie? Won't you play with me? Don't be afraid; I won't hurt you. It's only a quick game, it'll be over in a few seconds" The figure said the last words with an omninous edge to their voice. The unmistakabble glint of a knife shone in the dark room. The hand raising it higher and higher. I couldn't bear it any more and sprung out of the wardrobe and knocked the figure over. It was Marianne! But the features of the figure didn't look like Marianne at all. Her Dress torn and tattered; her hair strewn with ivy and knotted her shoes broken and close to falling apart on her feet. But that was not the most scary feature, no. It was her eyes. Gone was the blank dreamy expression replaced with scarlett glowing eyes of pure hatred and rage. She roughly pushed me off and screamed in a voice that gives me nightmares still:

"How dare you defy me, how dare you stop me! I am the shadow-priestess and can live for eternity and destroy it!" I gulped then bolted it, not knowing what else to do and ran to the (sort of) safety of my dorm. I looked out the window as a great storm was brewing and a cackle of lightning appeared from the heavens. The next words I hear aren't at all encouraging. No, it was the steady hum of my classmates.

"Kill Vic-tor-ia, Kill Vic-tor-ia" I froze on the spot and dared look out my dorm door. My zombified school mates patrolled the corridors chanting the happy tune. I, seeking bravness from my pendant ran out into the corridor and ran (literatlly) for my life until I reached the double doors of the library. It seemed so weird it being empty. Deciding not to dwell too much on my peculiar thoughts. I scanned the shelves: Decisions by love to write; the socially awkward girl and so on until I found a book that caught my eye; Creatures of the night. I grabbed it and skimmed and scanned through the contents until I reached a page titled:

The shadow priestess

The shadow pristess is one of the most deadliest creatures. With the power to revive souls or kill souls they are dangerous creatures. They feed on the souls of others. And strive on darkness and unhappiness. Stealing one's soul makes them forget who they are. The way to revive them, drink from the cup of rememberence. To beat to beat the shadow-priestess you must obtain the Krucifer Crystal.

Below the writing,  a picture. A picture of a red jeweled pendant.......

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