I call you love {Austin Mahone}

Christy's life changed a lot after she moved from Texas for the first time. How is it now that she's going back?
Will people ever understand what she's suffering from and all the pain that she's going through? What about that hot boy Austin? Will he ever see the real her.
This is another one of my Austin Mahone fanfics that I usually write on my facebook page for him, but I wanted to share it with more people.


18. ...


Robert and I sat down together in the living room. He wanted to know everything and to be honest I really thought he needed to too. When I had told him everything from how I saw my mom till how I got out of treatment and moved in here he just stared at me.

Robert: Wow it’s insane.

Christy: I know but it’s my story and it’s what’s making me the person I am. It’s not that I like being the person I am but I’ve learned to live with who I am.

Robert: You should be proud of yourself. Not many people can go through all of that and still have the strength to keep going. You’re a strong, beautiful girl Christy and no matter what you do to yourself or what you’ve been through I’ll be here for you. I love you and I’ve done for a couple of weeks now.

He took my hand and looked me in the eyes.

Robert: Christy do you wanna be my girlfriend?

Christy: I don’t really think people are asking each other that when we have this age. It’s more like something that’s just happening.

I smiled at him and looked down at the pillow I had on my legs. I wasn’t wearing pants. Only some really short shorts, all of my scars were there and I slowly started running my fingers over them and felt the pain inside of me again. I remembered every single time I had cut myself. It hurt me. Why did I do this to myself? I had people in my life that cared about me. Though I wanted to do it. I wanted to get back to the time where I felt strong. Where I saw the blood running out of my veins. Where I saw the food coming out of my throat. Where I saw the bruises trying to heal on my skin.

Robert: are you okay?

Christy: yeah I’m fine.

Robert: You’re not.

Christy: Just leave it.

Robert: Christy tell me what’s going on.

Christy: I’m tired of being weak. I miss this. I miss the feeling of being strong.

Robert: Christy you are strong! You’re one of the strongest persons I know. I wouldn’t have been able to go through half of the stuff you’ve been through but you’ve survived twice so maybe you should just be thankful for what God is trying to give you.

Christy: I don’t care about what he’s trying to give me. I feel weak.

Robert: I think it’s best if I just leave then.

Christy: Yeah me too.

I stared at him with mean eyes. I loved him but he didn’t really help me. He didn’t leave. I knew he wasn’t going to. I got up from the couch we were sitting in and went up into my room. I was furious. I hated when people were like this.

I lay down in bed and stared up in at the ceiling. I don’t know how long I was lying there but Robert came into my room after he didn’t say anything he just lay down beside me and kissed me. I didn’t really expect any of this to happen but it happened so fast. I felt his hands on my back under my shirt as he pulled me closer to him. It was really intents. He kissed me down my neck and again on my lips. I kept my hands around his neck and up in his hair. We kissed for a long time until someone came into the room. It was Luke and Austin. They both stared at us.

Austin: I see she really needs help Robert.

My face turned red and I took my legs away from his waist. Luke seemed really pissed. He never expected anything like this to happen for me. Especially not now that I was feeling worse by being here.

Robert: It’s not what it looks like.

Luke: Dude you’re making out with my sister. It was what it looked like. Get off of her.

Christy: Luke!

Luke: don’t even get me started on you. You’ve been acting like a slut ever since we got here.

Christy: Oh so it’s my fault that I’m finally feeling kinda normal.

Luke: You should do that without acting like a total cheap slut.

I started crying and wiped away some of the tears with the outside of my left arm. I didn’t think so both Austin and Luke saw the blood. Luke’s face changed and he stormed down in the bed and grabbed my arm really hard. He stared me directly into the eyes and I got really scared.

Luke: You haven’t been taking your medication have you?

I was scared and shaking. He had never really been able to control his temper when I had done bad things to myself.

Robert: Luke leave her you’re scaring her.

Luke: SHUT UP! Christy! ANSWER ME! Did you or did you not take your medication?!

Austin: She didn’t take it. She told me. She didn’t want to take it because she felt she was getting better. Now let go of her. You’re scaring her.

Luke: Don’t tell me what to do! She’s my sister and she needs to fucking get herself together.

Austin: She’s my sister too! And as your brother I politely ask you to let go of her, because you’re scaring her. You of all people must know what she’s been through and how the nightmares have been for her. Luke let her go.

Luke let go of me and stepped out of the bed.

Luke: I’m sorry Christy.

Christy: You’re fucking pathetic. Get out of here. I’m disgusted by you.

I felt my wrist and how it started bleeding again.

Austin sat down beside me and took my hand.

Austin: Christy sweetie? Why did you hurt yourself?

Christy: Because I was weak. I couldn’t resist it. Luke’s razor blade was there and I felt this rush inside of my body. It was so cold and real and it warmed around my heart. It was like magic. And when I finally saw the blood I couldn’t stop. It was just so real and I felt so strong and powerful.

Austin hugged me and kissed my cheek.

Austin: Will you promise me that you will start taking your medication again so you can feel that way without harming yourself?

Christy: I will try.

Austin: that’s my girl.

He kissed my forehead and then looked at Robert.

Austin: Robert I’m sorry about how I’ve been treating you today. I’ve been a dick. Take care of my sister. I’ll be going to the studios for the afternoon and then I’ll be back for dinner.

Robert: It’s okay mate.

Austin left the room and I looked back at Robert. He leaned in and kissed me.

Robert: Are you okay?

Christy: Yeah I think so. But I better get my medication straightaway.

Robert: Yeah it’s gotta be for the best. 

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