I call you love {Austin Mahone}

Christy's life changed a lot after she moved from Texas for the first time. How is it now that she's going back?
Will people ever understand what she's suffering from and all the pain that she's going through? What about that hot boy Austin? Will he ever see the real her.
This is another one of my Austin Mahone fanfics that I usually write on my facebook page for him, but I wanted to share it with more people.


22. the end


It had been days and they still didn’t want to let me out of the hospital. I didn’t speak with my dad, and Luke was really mad with me. There had been a lot of mahomies at the hospital but I knew they weren’t there to visit me. They only hoped to get a glimpse of Austin. Him and Robert was there all the time. They still couldn’t get anything out of me. I just sat there all the time. Staring. Not eating. I was getting more sick as I was in the hospital but I knew it was time to put an end of it all. They wanted to put me into treatment but my dad wasn’t ready to let go of me again. I had only been out for 10 months. Beside that it was my problem. He wanted me to say yes to go, and I didn’t want to. Not until…

I had a laptop with me an hour every single day. I usually spend it to be on twitter and youtube to listen to some music and to reply to some of the people who kept tweeting me. I saw someone had posted a video to my twitter.

@(Random twitter name): @ChristyMariah If I was you I would be ashamed of what you’ve done. Look how sad my idol is! (LINK)

I clicked the link and saw a video from Austin ustream the other night.

Austin: Everyone’s asking about Christy. I wanna be honest with you guys. I wanna be real. She’s still in the hospital. She’s been there for a week now and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m losing her, and every single day I see her eat herself up from the inside. She’s not going to make it. We’re at a point where we’re just waiting for her to die now. Not that I want her to die but there’s nothing more to do. When I first met her I was really in love with her. I felt like protecting her from all the danger in the world and I’m in the hospital all the time.

He started crying and kept being live.

Austin: Honestly even though we’re sister and brother by blood I’m still in love with her. I never stopped loving her. I never stop wanting to kiss her lips every time I see her. I never stopped believing that there must have been a mistake going on between us and that we were just normal people who happened to have lived in the same town. When I found her it was like I found a part of me that had been missing my whole life. I felt complete, and now I have to say good bye to it again. I don’t know what I have deserved to go through all of this pain.

He sat there crying for a while and it made me cry. A nurse came in and told me she had to take the laptop with her.

Christy: Just give me another second. This is actually important.

Nurse: I’m sorry miss Johnson but I have to take the laptop with me.

I looked at her with the meanest eyes I could make

Christy: Miss, leave the fucking laptop and let me watch the last 2 minutes of this video of my brother telling his fans about me and what’s going on with me, or I will personally make sure that this is the last fucking day of your job.

She stared at me and then took the laptop out of my hands and left the room. I was screaming and trying to get out of the bed but they had locked me to it so I couldn’t get anything that I could harm myself with. I started shaking and I was still crying really hard. This was the biggest reaction they had had from in through the past week. I hadn’t been speaking since last Tuesday so it was the first time I spoke in 4 days.

Shortly after when I was still crying I saw Austin outside of my room. He was speaking with the nurse. I heard some of it. She told him that I had been speaking but that I had been really rude and it was something with the laptop and him. He had been crying. I could see it even though he was still far away. My heart skipped a beat when he came into my room. I was just staring at him and then I took his hand when he sat down beside me.

Austin: Christy are you ready to open up?

I shake my head as in saying no. I was still crying. Austin opened the thing that kept me locked to the bed so he could get me out of the bed.

He helped me to stand up and then he hugged me close and tight into his body. He knew it was what I needed right now.

I looked him in the eyes and spoke to him for the first time in a week.

Christy: It’s painful isn’t it?

He sat me down on the edge of my bed, and himself of the chair beside it.

Austin: What is?

Christy: Seeing me with Robert, when you’re still in love with me, and knowing that we can’t be together because you’re my brother. One of your fans sent me a video of the ustream. She wouldn’t let me watch the video even though I only needed 2 extra minutes.

I started crying a little harder.

Christy: Are they really only waiting for me to die?

Austin: Sadly but yes. Your dad and Luke have given up. They can’t do this anymore.

I tried not to show him that I felt like my heart broke into a million pieces.

Christy: and you?

The words were so painful I couldn’t get them through my mouth.

Austin: babe? I will never give up on you. Christy you’re my world. I love you with my whole heart. Seeing you like this is killing me. I feel like screaming and make you do all the things as normal people are doing but if you can’t handle it, it is okay. Some people need help. But I will be here for you no matter what. You’ve been keeping me going. I wrote a song for you actually. And I’d like to play it for you.


It's so hard to lose the one you love To finally have to say goodbye You try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin' on And all that you can do is cry Deep within your heart you know it's time to move on When the fairy tale that you once knew is gone When the last tear drop falls I'll still be holdin' on to all of our memories And all of what used to be When the last tear drop falls I will stand tall And know that you're here with me in my heart When the last tear drop falls So now I'm alone and life keeps movin' on But my destination still unknown, oh yeah Will there be a time when I'll fall in love again? When I was meant to walk these streets alone If there was just one wish I could be granted here tonight It would be to have you right back by my side Now it's time for me to find my happiness again And the emptiness from missin' you Will never ever end, baby

I cried even harder. I didn’t want to let go of him. I hugged him close into me and cried.

Christy: Austin? Help me. Get them to call Sophie. It’s time to make an end of this. It’s time to stop the pain. I have to go back to San Diego and get some help.

Austin hugged me tight into him and kissed my forehead. He took out his phone and looked at me.

Austin: Why don’t you just do it yourself?

I took the phone and called my dad to start with.

Christy: dad? It’s Christy. I’m ready to leave. Pack my things and call Doctor Bennett. I’m going back to treatment.

Dad: Christy? Is that really you?

Christy: yeah dad it is me. I’m sorry for all the pain that I’ve put you though. It’s gonna have an end now. I need the treatment. I wanna go back.

We spoke about it for a while and 2 hours later I was on my way. And I knew I could do it this time because I had Austin with me. It was time to do it. Austin traveled with me to San Diego and he helped me to settle into the new room at the center.

When it was time for Austin to leave we stood in the door of my room.

Austin: I never expected to say good bye to the person I love in a room like this.

Christy: I never expected to get back in a room like this. Especially not with a person that I like and love. Not only as my brother.

I blushed a little.

Austin kissed me forehead.

Austin: I guess it will just have to be awkward like this.

Christy: yeah it’s better that way.

I cried when he said good bye and let go of me from the last hug. When he was on the way out of the door I ran into his arms again and kissed him. It was like the first time we kissed. It was real and it felt real.

Christy: Don’t tell anyone about that. You’re still my brother.

Austin: I know. But I still love you Christina Mariah Johnson.

Christy: I love you too Austin. See you when you’re here the next time. I’ll try to recover as fast as I can.

Austin: I hope you will.

And then he left. I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time I saw him and that I was going to fight this time. This time I had something to fight for. Not only my family and my new brother but my brother’s fans, my family and finally someone I could call my friends.

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