I call you love {Austin Mahone}

Christy's life changed a lot after she moved from Texas for the first time. How is it now that she's going back?
Will people ever understand what she's suffering from and all the pain that she's going through? What about that hot boy Austin? Will he ever see the real her.
This is another one of my Austin Mahone fanfics that I usually write on my facebook page for him, but I wanted to share it with more people.


10. Secrets revealed part 1


I went into my room as soon as I was inside. My dad followed me to my room and I heard that Luke did the same thing.

“Christy I’d like to speak with you.”

“Sure dad, come in.” Luke stood in the door and looked at me.

“Luke, please leave. I’ve got to speak with Christy alone.”


Luke left and closed the door after him.



“What’s going on inside of your head?”

“About the kiss? Dad he completes me. I haven’t felt this way since mom. I feel like someone is actually taking care of me. I feel like I’ve known him forever.”

My dad looked away as soon as I said that.

“Dad is there something you aren’t telling me?”


He was still looking at my door away from me.

“Spit out.”

“You do know Austin.”


“Or you don’t know him know him but you did know him.”

My dad took this small picture up from his wallet that was split in two. It was a picture of me from when I was about 1 year. Shortly after he found the other piece… I saw the hazel eyes and looked closely at them. The nose, the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, even the chin! Everything matched on Austin.

“OMG he was here. I mean he was there! He was the kid that moved away when I was little. The one I never spoke with again.”

“Yeah… I’m sorry hun.”

“Go away.”

I felt how the tears were pushing inside of my eyes. He had been lying to me all this time. He did know this Austin and that’s why he didn’t want me to speak with him again.

My dad left my bedroom while I was crying. Luke came in shortly after.

“You okay sis?”

“Did you know about this? Did you know that Austin used to live close to us and that dad didn’t want me to speak with him?”

“Yeah I did.”

He looked down at the ground and then back at me.

“I’m sorry Christy. He told me not to tell you because you are happy. He saw you guys last night and he didn’t even want to pull you inside.”

“But then why is he telling me this? Why is it that he dislikes him?”

“Because of what he’s going to be, because he’s being bigger and bigger and we don’t wanna lose you again.”

“You never lost me.”

“But it felt like that. Do you have any ideas of what I was feeling while you were in treatment?”

“Awful, because that was how I was feeling all the time.”

Luke and I spoke for a long time about different things. I still didn’t know if I wanted to tell Austin about him and I or if it was best that I didn’t. I took the pictures of me and him that my dad had left for me on the bed and looked at them when Luke had left my room.

I took a picture of them with my phone and send it to Austin. I needed to tell him.

Under the picture I wrote: “There’s something we need to talk about.”

It didn’t take him long to reply to my text.

“Why do you have a picture of me from when I was like 1?”

“My dad gave it to me… call me ASAP!”

I had barely sent the text before Austin called me.

“Where does your father have that picture from?”

“Have you ever seen the full picture?”


“It’s a picture that’s cut in two. I am on the other half.”

 I couldn’t hear anything on the phone. Austin seemed so speechless.

“Austin please say something….”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Can we talk about it tomorrow?”

“Sure… I’ll let Dave pick you up at 9am. We’re going to work with some music through the day.”

“I’ll make sure to be ready then.”

“Great. Gotta go back. Talk to you tomorrow.”

“Sure. Bye.”


He hung up before I got the chance. Why did he act to strange all of a sudden? Was it because he knew the truth?

[Austin POV]

After I hung up on her I was still a bit speechless.


I called my mom. She had to find the photo album for me. I wanted to go through every single picture of me from before my father died. I wanted to know the truth, because I knew we moved shortly after he died. 

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