All Your Hate.

“Fifteen year old Audrey Kopper was murdered last night behind a local business building. She was found this morning at 6:15am by a man on his way to work. Henry Davidson stated that he found Kopper behind a blue garbage bin while he was on his way to work. Davidson stated that he saw something sticking out from behind the bin, and pulled out the bin to reveal Audrey Kopper’s dead body. Police haven’t found any evidence stating on whom Kopper’s killer is. We will keep you updated on this tragic teenager’s death. I’m Charlotte Price and this was Your Local News.”


1. One

Things shouldn’t have ended the way it did. We were supposed to be in love, we were supposed to get married and start a long happy life together. I should’ve known that one day things would go too far and his hate would’ve killed me. I guess that day was today, right now...

Broken branches scratched at my face as I ran through the forest, he was getting too close. I had no chance for survival. I continued to run, as fast as my feet would take me, my bruised body ached with every single step I took. My vision blurred as he grabbed my arm. Everything around me started spinning. The trees above me, looked as if they were going to fall on top of us. I yelped in pain as he pulled me back towards him, his face right against mine.

He smelt of marijuana and alcohol. “I told you not to run away from me” he whispered, His cold breath hitting me right in the face “You know not to run away” he spat at me and pushed me to the ground. The ground was cold, wet and dirty. Dirt smudged on my already ruined dress. He was going to rape and kill me, I’m going to die.

If I tried to get away, there was no point. I’m too weak and he’s too strong. He’d end up catching me. If I tried to scream, no one would hear me all the way out here deep inside a dark forest. Panic rushed through my mind. He hovered over me, looking me in the eye. His once beautiful ocean blue eyes turned ice cold.

He played with the zipper on my red dress, tears fell from my face as I watched it fall to the ground. “Please d-d-don’t do this to me” I pleaded. “Shut up.” He growled. I shivered as the cold night wind bit at my now exposed body. “Please” I whimpered. I felt his cold hands hit against my face, more tears formed in my eyes.

His breath hit against my neck, making me remember the very first time he raped me. Without thinking, I lifted up my left aching leg and kicked him in the crotch. With him down on the ground, I had a chance of survival. I rushed to my feet, almost falling back down. I started running once again. Leafs and broken branches cracked under my bare feet and the wind biting at my bare body.

I heard him start chasing after me, swearing and screaming at me. If I can find the way back to a busy main road, someone would see us, and I would be safe. My breath got heavier and heavier, as I got weaker and weaker. But I was able to find the way towards the road. “I got you, you little bitch” He said as he yanked me back into the cold deep forest where no one would hear my cries and pleads for help.

“Please don’t hurt me, I love you” I pleaded. “Oh please bitch, you don’t love me. You never did”. “That’s not true Noah, I love you. I always have” “Bitch, are you calling me a liar?” “Please. Just don’t hurt me”. I looked him in the eye; a smirk appeared on his face. I knew that smirk all too well; I Audrey Kopper was going to die. “You deserve everything that I’m going to do to you”. His fists pounded into my stomach, shattering my ribs.

My vision blurred once again, but I was still able to get glimpses of him. He threw me against the cold and hard brick wall, shattering my skull. And that’s when it happened, He killed me.

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