For the better

Ashley has experienced twist and turns throughout her whole life, but nothing can prepare her for what's to come.


1. The Beginning


*Ashely's P.O.V.*


It had been a long day at school and all I wanted to do was just relax on my couch. I walked through my front door and threw my backpack down on the floor almost immediately. I sprawled out on the couch, leaving room for no one else but me. After taking a quick mental rest I grabbed the remote for the T.V. and flicked it on. I flipped through the channels until I came upon something that fit my needs. 'The Notebook' was on in five minutes. Thank you God. I ran to my kitchen and put some popcorn in the microwave. Planning ahead I quickly went to the bathroom and grabbed a box of tissues. By the time I was back in the kitchen my popcorn was ready. I pulled it out and grabbed a coke out of the fridge on the way to the living room. As I sat down the front door opened and my mom walked in and almost tripped on my backpack. After dramatically stepping over it, she looked up at me and narrowed her eyes.


"Rough day?" My mom asked with worry in her voice. She gets me so well. I smiled at her understanding and simply nodded. She placed her briefcase down on the table by the stairs and greeted me with a hug. "When you're ready to talk I'll be up stairs in the office. Okay?"


"Okay, thanks mom." She just smiled and made her way up the stairs to her office. I turned back to the T.V. and the movie was just starting. I grabbed a blanket from the basket next to the couch and got comfortable. I pulled the popcorn into my lap and started trying to enjoy myself.


Something about this movie always let me forget about everything in my life and focus on the problems all the people in this movie had. It was perfect. About halfway through the movie the front door opened once again, revealing my tired dad. I could only imagine his confusion when he walks into his own house to see his daughter bawling on his couch.


"What in the world is the matter?" My dad stood there staring at me, confusion covering his face. I chuckled to myself a bit and just pointed towards the T.V.. He glanced at it for a second, and living in a house with two girls he realized what was going on. "Oh, okay. I swear, you need a brother to keep me sane." I just looked at him with my face saying, 'Really?'. He smiled, walked over to me and kissed my forehead. "But, I thank God everyday that he gave me such a beautiful daughter." I smiled, pleased with his quick save.


"Love you, daddy."


"Love you too, sweetheart." My dad was the only guy I ever needed in my life. I was his princess and he treated me like it too. And I loved him for it and so much more. He turned and walked up the stairs to get ready for bed and pull mom from the office so she could rest. I turned my attention back to the T.V. one last time for the rest of the movie. Right before the ending I drifted off to sleep.




I woke up to two of the loudest noises I've ever heard in my life. Both the same noise and one right after the other. It was completely dark and I couldn't see anything. I thought that maybe my dad had drobbed a pot or something along those lines, so I headed to the kitchen to see what happened. I walked through the archway to be only greeted by more darkness. I turned on the light and saw everything was where it should be and looked normal. I turned the light back off and walked back through the archway. As I made my way back past the couch I saw my dad coming down the stairs.


"Dad, what was that noise?" He stopped and stared at me. Though he just looked like a black shadow, I could make out a duffel bag in his hand. "What are you carrying?" He made his way back down the rest of the steps and placed the bag at the bottom of the stairs and started towards me. He grabbed me by the wrists and drug me over to the couch. "Dad! What are you doing?!" Still he had no answer. He placed me on my back on the couch and hovered over me. Then, through the silence, an eerie and disgusting voice pierced through it shattering my heart.


"It's gonna be ok. I'm going to make everything all better, love." I wanted to scream as loud as I could realizing it was most definitely not my dad's voice, but no noise protruded from my mouth. The voice started whispering things into my ear and telling me not to scream or it would kill me. The voice started kissing my neck and taking off my clothes as I layed there defenseless. It finished it's business and I realized I had just been......... I can't even think the word.... It spoke it's last words, the words I'll remember for the rest of my life. "Tell anyone about this, and you'll end up just like your mum and dad." I layed on the couch motionless, watching as the voice picked up it's bag and walked out my front door.


I was in shock and could'nt move. Everything flashed by so fast and I couldn't tell what was going on. I rememeber lights flashing in the doorway and people coming into the house. I remember a man and a woman picking me up and putting me on a bed with wheels. I remember being put into a truck and people trying to talk to me. I rememeber blacking out.


I woke up in a small white room. It was fairly quiet besides the faint 'beeps' coming from my bedside. I glanced to my left to see my aunt sleeing in a chair.


"Aunt Tia?" My voice sounded much more quiet then I thought it would. She stirred a bit and cracked open one of her eyes. After realizing I was awake, she sat up quickly and took my hand into hers.


"How are you, sweetie? Do you need anything?"


"No, thanks, but what happened? Where am I? Where's my mom and dad?" She looked down at the ground and was silent. The memories of that night began to flood through my mind. I remembered, that voice.............. that man that did this to me. His words began replaying in my head. "Tell anyone about this, and you'll end up just like your mum and dad."................ My aunt looked back up at me and all I could choke out was. "Oh my God." I yanked my hand out of my aunt's and started screaming as loud as I could trying to escape from this nightmare. My aunt started rubbing my arm to comfort me but I pushed her away and continued screaming and crying.


Within seconds, a handful of nurses and doctors rushed in yelling my name and telling me to calm down. That was the last thing I wanted to do. I refused and continued screaming. I saw one of the nurses reach over me and put a mask on my face. I took a deep gasp for air, not knowing what was going on and almost immediately felt tired. My screaming subsided and the room was filled with the faint sobs of my aunt and I. I felt my eyelids getting heavy as I blacked out again.




 I slowly opened my eyes to the sunlight piercing my eyelids. Normally I would wake up breathing heavily and crying, but to my amusement I had gotten so used to the memory that it seemed not to phase me anymore. It's been almost two years since my parents death and since I've been living with my aunt Tia. After everything happened, I told the police what had happened to me when they interviewed me. Against my request, they went public with it asking for any help trying to catch the man who did this.


I guess he saw the news and figured out I told the police what he had done besides murder my parents. After only 2 weeks of staying with my aunt, I started recieving letters in the mail with death threats and without a return address. With the wound he left on me being extremely raw still, I couldn't handle the stress and attempted suicide. Thankfull my aunt walked in at the last moment and literally saved my life. At that exact moment, my aunt Tia decided it was no longer safe for me in the UK, and told me we were moving to the US.


Within a month, we had everything packed up and ready to take on our new adventure to a whole new country, hopefully to start a new life. When we arrived, I was put into a public school and was pretty much forced into the 'American Culture'. After two years of being immersed in it, I've come accustomed to the everyday American life. Unfortunately, anything that has to do with the UK, no longer exists in my life. Even my accent has changed. It seems everything is changing for the better though, so I'm not complaining. I've made new friends and have fixed my depression issues with therapy. Life for me, is making its way.


I got out of bed to an early Saturday morning sunrise expecting just a normal day. I started toward the kitchen for some breakfast when I heard my aunt whispering on the phone. I tried to hear what she was saying but it was useless. Walking into the living room my aunt looked up at me and smiled.


"Hey, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later. Bye." She hung up the phone and took a deep breath. She looked up at me and right then I could tell something was wrong.


"What's up Tia?" She tossed her phone on the table and plopped down on the couch placing her face in her hands. Not good.


"My boss called this morning. He needs me in California this Tuesday." I stood there, still confused as to why this is a problem.


"I think I can hold down the house for a week or two, Tia. It's no big deal."


"Ash, it's not just for a week. He needs me there for three months and I can't take you with me or leave you here." There was a long silence. I was understanding that she couldn't do anything about it, but that still left me homeless. "That was your Grandmother on the phone. She offered to take you for the time being and as of right now, that seems like the only option."


"But she lives back in the UK." She gave me a sad smile and nodded. "Tia, No. My worst nightmare is there and you know that. I can't live through fearing for my life everyday again. Please." She shook her head and brought her hands down from her face.


"Ashley, I promise everything will be fine. It's all blown over by now and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of."


"Tia...... I-" She stopped me mid sentence and came by my side.


"Ashley. I know you're scared. I hate to say it, but you don't have much of a choice. Your flying out monday morning. I'm sorry, but you have to." Without saying anything more, I got up and walked to my room to think. I needed to process all of this. It has been two years since everything happened and I'm sure I'll be okay. It's only three months right? Maybe my aunt is right....... At least I hope she is....

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