For the better

Ashley has experienced twist and turns throughout her whole life, but nothing can prepare her for what's to come.


7. Movie Night


*Ashley's P.O.V.*     I walked through the front door after getting back from the store with my grandma. We had just bought another weeks worth of food. She'll probably get rid of it all in a couple days by giving it to all the neighbors. I've been texting Niall all day, just talking to eachother about random stuff. I couldn't help but notice how flirty we were being with eachother. I'm not complaining though. My grandma appeared in front of me in the kitchen and pointed to her right. I turned my head to see she was pointing at a clock on the stove. '3:23'.   "Oh crap!" My grandma just giggled as I ran to take a shower. I stripped down and hopped in the shower, letting the warm water run over my body. It ended a lot quicker than anticipated, but hey, I'm having a movie night with Niall. I wrapped a towel around my body and walked down the hall to my room. I dug through my suitcase, a little peeved I hadn't migrated all of my clothes to the dresser yet. Anyway, I picked out a pair of gray TOMS, a pair of dark skinny jeans and a gray over the shoulder top with the Union Jack in the middle of it. Heading back into the bathroom, I took about ten minutes to dry my hair and put some makeup on.   On top of that and my shower, it's been about twenty-five minutes. I know, I know...... I take forever..... I stepped into my room to see if Niall was ready to come get me. Just as I picked up my phone, Niall called. Every time I saw his contact, I subconciously smiled. I answered and brought the phone up to my ear.   "Hellooooo?"   "Well hi there! Are you almost ready?"   "I am ready! Are you leaving yet?"   "Actually, according to my phone, I'm exactly thirty seconds from your house."   "You're a goof."   "I'll be there in a second." I heard a click on the line and hung up. Running up to my grandma in the kitchen, her eyes got big, as if she was expecting me to jump on her.   "Niall is going to be here in like twenty seconds..."    "Okay. I'll be quick I promise." Thank you god. Hopefully this isn't too embarrasing. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door.    "Be nice." I said while walking towards the door. My hand found the door knob, twisted it and pulled the door open to find the cute, blonde haired boy I had met yesterday. I gave the best smile I could, and ushered him to come in.   "Hi Niall!" Before he walked in he placed his arms around me and gave me a hug. The butterflies were so bad I almost forgot to hug back. Just before he released me I whispered in his ear.   "Don't be fake. Just be you." He released me and stared at me and winked.   "Why wouldn't I?" I unintentionally bit my lip after he winked and he raised his eyebrows. Damn his cuteness. Blushing, I guided him inside, to meet her. We reached her position in the kitchen where, she was just finishing up baking some cookies. I cleared my throat as we approached her and she turned around.   "You must be Niall. Don't worry yourself, love. I just wanted to meet you in person, that's all." I mentally exhaled the breath I've been holding in since she turned around.   "I'm perfectly fine with you getting to know me. I have nothing to hide." He smiled happily at her searching for approval. Surprisingly, she smiled back.   "We'll save that for another day, but I do hope you have intentions of treating my granddaughter with respect tonight." That wasn't that bad. Let's just hope it doesn't get any more awkward.   "Every intention in the world ma'am." I looked at the ground and blushed like mad.   "Well good then. You two have fun tonight. But before you leave......." She turned around and picked up a tray. "Cookies?" I turned to look at Niall who's eyes were lit up like a christmas tree.   "First thing you should know about me. I absolutely LOVE food." Her face also lit up as he took a cookie.   "Well then, I assume you and I will get along great. You two get going now, I don't want to keep you!" Niall walks out with me as he stuffs his mouth with the cookie. I get to the passenger door and reach out for the door handle.   "WAIT!!!!" I jump back, not expecting Niall to yell at me. Not giving me any time to say anything, he runs around the car and opens the car door for me. Oh my god. This kid knows how to rack up points fast. For the third time in the past 10 minutes, I blush, ducking into the car. But this time, Niall doesn't let it go unnoticed. He sat down in the drivers seat and stares at me with a smile.   "You sure do get red a lot."   "Just drive." He laughed and started the car. Pulling out of the driveway he asked me if it was alright we stopped at the store to get a supply of popcorn for tonight.   "I have no problem with it."   "Good, then. We'll cut through the neighborhood up her fa bit to get there faster." We drove in silence for a good five minutes until he turned down an all too familiar street. Looking out the window I saw everything I remembered. I tried to block it out of my head and tell myself this wasn't it. It couldn't be. Until finally I could see it approaching. My old house...... I forced my head into my hands.   "NIALL TURN AROUND NOW!!!!" I felt him break hard and turn the car a bit.   "What's wrong?!?! Do you want to go home??" With my face still covered by my hands I continued to practically scream at him.   "NO! JUST GO A DIFFERENT WAY!" Thank goodness he's a good listener because I felt the car fully turn around and speed off in the opposite direction we were headed a couple seconds ago. After a good minute I lifted my head to reveal my tear stained cheeks.   "Please tell me what that was about, Ashley. Are you okay?" I tried to compose myself, wiping my tears away.   "You were about to pass my old house." Niall's face immediately fell to a frown.   "Is that where you're...... Oh god..... I'm so sorry, Ashley." I looked at him with shock and confusion when I saw a tear brimming the bottom of his eye.   "Awwww! Niall don't cry for me! Look, I'm better now! Let's just go get popcorn." I put on the best smile I could, trying to get him to feel better. He didn't say anything else, just drove. The silence during the car ride wasn't awkward, or uncomfortable...... It was just peaceful, I guess. Even when we got to the store, he didn't say anything, just walked around the car and opened it for me. Nothing else. When he bought what he came for and was headed for the car, I decided to break that silence.   "Niall, are you mad at me?" He stopped full in the middle of the parking lot and turned around to face me.   "Of course not.... I'm mad at myself for putting you through that." He dropped his head and stared at the ground.   "How can you even say that? You didn't know and it wasn't your fault. Please don't be upset over something so stupid."   "It wasn't stupid..... But I'll stop being upset if it makes you feel better."   "Much!" I hugged him and let the butterflies attack my stomach as he hugged back.     *Niall's P.O.V.*     I felt horrible after what happened not toolong ago. Reliving an experience like that all over again, must be hell. I beat myself up for it and got a little upset. But Ashley talked me out of it right before we left the store. I was still mad, but if it makes her unhappy when I'm like that then I'm definitely going to change my attitude.   Anyway, we were driving down the street towards Harry's flat and were just getting to his driveway. I had a talk with all of them before I left to get Ashley, so they wouldn't be annoying or embarrasing tonight.   I hopped out of the car and ran around to the other side to open the door for Ashley. She stepped out and smiled at me. Her smile was beautiful, just like her....... Oh crap, I'm staring. I looked down at the ground and blushed, closing the car door.   "You sure do get red a lot." I laughed at her witty remark and walked with her through the front door. Walking down to the living room, it appeared everyone was all ready to watch the movie. Zayn and Harry were on the floor, Liam was on the big couch with Louis leaving the love seat for me and Ashley...... if she wanted to sit with me.   "I'll go do the popcorn. You guys pick the movie." I said, walking towards the kitchen. I popped every single bag of popcorn we got, which took almost forever. When I finally finished, I poured all of it into this massive bowl Harry had. I walked out toward the living room and set the bowl down on the coffee table in the middle of the room. "What movie did you guys pick?"   "The house at the end of the street." Zayn said, waggling his eyebrows.   "How did you guys even get that?"   "We know people." Louis remarked. I rolled my eyes looking around the room. Ashley was in one corner of the love seat leaving just enough room for someone else. At that moment, she did the one motion I could never be happier to see. She stuck her hand out and patted the spot next to her. A smile broke out onto my face as I leaped down next to her throwing my arm over the couch. She leaned her head back on my arm and Louis put the movie in.    Tonight should be fun.   __________________________________________________________________________________
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