For the better

Ashley has experienced twist and turns throughout her whole life, but nothing can prepare her for what's to come.


5. Fast Connections


*Ashley's P.O.V.*   I'm not really sure what got into me but, I've been more outgoing in the last couple hours than the last couple years. Something about those boys made me feel like my old self. Quite frankly, I missed the old me.   All the boys didn't have the same impact on me. Louis mad me luagh, Liam made me smile, Zayn made me want to sleep, and Harry brang out my perverted side. Niall on the other hand. There was something special about him. He was nice enough to come over and talk to me, let alone listen to me babble on about my depressing emotions for an hour.    I knew I was attracted to him, but I haven't crushed on a guy in years. I took a chance when I kissed him on the cheek and wrote that note, but he smiled, so I guess it wasn't awkward.   I had just stepped out of the airport and was currently walking with Jake, my grandma's next door neighbor, to his car.   "Do you know how long you're staying?" He's been trying to make small talk since we met to make it less weird, which I was thankful for.   "Only about three months..." He nodded opening the trunk of the car and putting my stuff in it. I got in the passengers seat as he hopped in the drivers seat. "How long is the drive?"   "Probably just thirty minutes."   "Okay. I'm going to sleep until we get there. I'm exhausted." He turned the radio on and turned the volume down. The quiet music filled my head and I slowly drifted off to sleep.     *Niall's P.O.V.*   We were just arriving at Harry's flat and all the boys wouldn't stop making fun of me for sitting next to Ashley for half the flight.   "Don't think we didn't see you snuggling up with her while to both slept! It was too adorable!" I sighed deeply and got out of the van and stormed straight inside. Someone was running to keep up with me and I felt a hand being place on my shoulder.   "Mate, you know their just messing with you." I smiled at Liam's voice. He was the only one that wasn't making fun of me.   "I know, but it's extremely annoying and stupid." He just shrugged hi shoulders and sat down on the couch. I sat next to him and layed down, putting my legs across his lap.   "Do you like her, mate?" I threw the pillow over my face, tired of everyone asking about it.   "I don't know. I just met her today. I doubt I even have a chance with her." I heard Liam scoff and I peeked around the pillow to see Liam giving me a face.   "She gave you her number, didn't she?" I nodded and pulled the note out of my pocket reading it again. I smiled when I finished then went back to reality.   "It doesn't mean anything." Liam threw his hands up in the air.   "NIALL! It means she want's you to call her!" I slapped my forehead and rolled onto the floor.   "I'm an idiot."    "Just a bit. Now go invite her to come over tomorrow for a cinema here." I ran up to my bedroom and shut the door behind me. Pulling out my phone, I dialed her number and held my breath.     *Ashley's P.O.V.*   "Wakey, wakey." My shoulder was being pushed lightly and I opened my eyes. Jake smiled and pointed in font of the car. "We're here!" I smiled and got out of the car. Jake took my suitcase out of the back for me and we approached the front door. Before we even reached it, the door flung open, revealing my grandma holding her arms wide for a hug. I chuckled and stepped into her embrace, inhaling her perfume which smelled of roses.    "Hi grandma." She held onto my shoulders and stared at me for awhile.   "I missed you so much! Come inside! I made dinner!..... Jacob, you're more than welcome to join us."  I turned around and he was already walking away.   "Sorry, I wish I could but I'm exhausted and it's almost midnight. Thanks for your company Ashley." I smiled and waved.   "Thanks for driving me!" With that said he smiled and walked to his house. My grandma pushed me inside and I couldn't believe it was already '11:30'. I walked into the living room and memories flooded my brain. I remember sitting in the middle of this floor as a young child opening presents on christmas morning with my family. I remember having easter egg hunts in the backyard with my cousins and getting overly excited at all the cady I would always get. I remember the tears shed here when we were trying to work out living situations after the incident. I felt a tear form on my eye and I wiped it away as quick as I could so it would go unnoticed.    Apparently that wasn't happening becuase my grandma was at my side in a split-second.   "Honey, what's wrong??" She pleaded for the answer.   "Nothing, just memories, that's all." She gave me a sad smile and walked me to the kitchen. She must have been cooking all day because it looked like she was ready for thanksgiving. "Holy cow, grandma." I went up to the counter with all of the food and made myself a plate. "What are you going to do with all of this?" She laughed and pulled out a chair for me.    "Most of it will go to the neighbors anyway..... Speaking of neighbors, was Jacob nice? Did he give you any trouble?" I shook my head and cocked it to the side.   "Why would he?" She took a drink of her water and set it back down.   "He's known for being a trouble maker and isn't friends with the best of people... Did you see my mailbox?" I shook my head again. "Well it's smashed in on one side. His friends did that. He came up to me and apologized the next day, which was nice, but I still wasn't very happy." I frowned and continued eating. It was mostly silent after that and when we finshed I cleaned my plate off and sat back down with her and plopped my head down in my arms on the table.   "How was your flight?" I sat my head back up and propped it on my hand.   "Very well, actually." I said smiling to myself.   "Spill." I gave her a look and she shot it right back. "I want to know what happened. Did you meet a boy?" I dropped my jaw and I'm pretty sure it hit the table.   "No...." I said finally regaining control of my mouth. All she did was raise her eyebrows and purse her lips. I gave in.. "Maybe." She smiled in victory and popped the last fork-full of corn into her mouth and swallowed.   "Tell me about him!" I sighed.   "He was really sweet, and he introduced me to his friends. I gave him my number but I doubt he's interested. He's in some famous boyband." She raised her eyebrows.   "Any boy would be lucky to have a chance with you, Ashley." I rolled my eyes and she just laughed.   "Yeah, yeah. May I go to bed now, please?" She nodded standing up and carrying her plate to the sink. "Thanks. Goodnight, love ya."   "Love you too." I got my suitcase by the front door and wheeled it to the guest bedroom. Not even bothering to unpack it, I flopped down on my bed seconds from falling asleep.   *RING RING*   MMMMFFFF...... I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone. The contact read 'Tia' and I pressed answer.   "Hello?"   "Hey! How was your flight? Is grandma okay? Are you home yet?" I groaned at how many questions she was asking.   "Good, yes, and yes." I answered.   "Someone sounds sleepy. Tell me how your flight went and then I'll let you go." I groaned once again, knowing that grandma would eventually tell her so I might as well get it out now.   "I met..... a..... boy." Silence......   "WHAT?!?!?" I pulled the phone from my ear, startled by her yelling.   "Chill! It's nothing serious, just friends, I guess. He's in some famous boyband so I doubt I'll ever see him again."   "I'm so proud of you!!" What the hell.....   "Why?"   "Because! You're actually being social!" I grunted.   *BEEP*    "What the heck?" I looked at my phone and it said I had another call waiting. "Hey, hold on a second someone is calling me. I pressed 'switch' and the call went to the other number.   "Hello?"   "Ashley?"   I would recognize that Irish accent until the day I died.   "Niall?"   "Yeah! Sorry I'm calling you so late."   "It's fine. What's up?" There was a long pause.   "I was just sorta wondering if you wanted to...... you know.... come over tomorrow and watch a cinema with me and the lads."   "Oh! Yeah, I would love to! But I have to ask my grandma first. Can I ask her in the morning and then call you when I get an answer?"   "Of course! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow then!"   "Okay! Oh, wait. Your told me your last name is Horan right?"   "Yup! Why?"   "Ummm.... I need to set you as my contact."   "Oh I see. Well as for me, I have a brilliant memory, miss Ashley Nicole Singleton."   "Impressive. I'm exhausted though. I'll call you tomorrow."   "Okay! Night, Ashley."   "Night, Niall." I brought the phone back up to my face and pressed the 'switch' button and brought the phone to my ear.   ""   "What??"   "That was him...."   "The boy???? What did he want??"   "He wants me to come over to his house tomorrow and watch a movie with him and his friends."   "Anddd???"   "I want to... but I have to ask grandma..."   "If she says no, have her call me." I smiled, knowing I had backup.   "Okay! Thanks! Can you do one more thing for me??"   "Yeah. What is it?"   "Do some research on him. He's famous, so I'm sure you can dig something up. Niall Horan."   "You got it. Call me tomorrow night or the next day, whenever you get a chance and fill me in. Kay?"   "I will. I'm exhausted and going to bed."   "Okay. Have fun tomorrow. Night."   "Night." I hung up the phone and put it on the charger. I layed down and got under the covers, not even bothering putting on my pajamas.    He actually called. Maybe he was interested. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, trying to forget what I would most likely dream about.     *Niall's P.O.V.*     She said she would love to.    BEST.DAY.EVER     __________________________________________________________________________________ A/N*   There's chapter 5 for ya! Hope you like it! More comments and hearts please?(:
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