For the better

Ashley has experienced twist and turns throughout her whole life, but nothing can prepare her for what's to come.


2. Emotions


*Ashley's P.O.V.*   There sat my suitcase, wide open on my bed awaiting me to fill it with clothes. I felt better today then yesterday when I recieved the news. Worry was what got me really, my aunt and I have built up this perfectly fine life by ourselves here in the US and I really didn't want one trip to my grandmas to scar me all over again, just when things seemed to be getting all better. Making my way to my dresser to pull out my clothes I got distracted by the pictures on it, one mainly. It was a picture of my parents and I just a month before their death. We were at a resteraunt near Liverpool and just finished eating when some lady randomly asked if we wanted our picture taken. We all obliged, a bit creeped out, but I'm so happy we did. This was one of the few pictures we actually had together and I treasured it dearly. I felt my eyes getting hot and a tear fall down my cheek. I closed my eyes and let my emotions loose. I sat on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest.   I got myself together and stood up. Trying to pack my suitcase as fast as I could was easier said then done. I was trying to go fast so I wouldn't get distracted again and have another emotional breakdown. Clothes were flying everywhere and I didn't even see what I was putting in my suitcase, I just wanted it done. After about 5 minutes of work, all of my clothes were now trasferred. I stared at my suitcase and it looked like it just barfed clothes. With a sigh, I neatly folded all the clothes and put them back in the suitcase. Clapping my hands together I heard my stomach growl. I made a face and remembered that there was Chinese from last night still in the fridge.    The fridge was not very welcoming. The milk was three days over the expirataion date, there were slices of cheese in random places all over the fridge, and worst yet, the eggs were nearly solid when you cracked them open. Fortunately, I had my secret stash of good stuff in the back of a drawer. The box of Chinese food was in my hands in seconds, and went straight to the microwave. After a very long thirty seconds went by, I was chucking Terryaki chicken and brown rice down my throat by the spoonfull. Pleasently satisfying is all I could think of how to describe it. Looking into the box, I was halfway there and intended on getting to the bottom. I sat down at the couch with a blanket and turned the T.V. on to keep me busy.   My food was almost gone and this re-run of an awards show was almost over. It was amusing watching these five guys jump around stage and sing. They weren't my cup of tea, but don't get me wrong, they were extremely good looking........... By the time the show was over, all my food was at the pit of my stomach and I was more than full. As I stood up to throw my box away the front door flew open. I jumped and looked to see who it was and in walked my aunt with her hands full of bags. "What are you doing??" She smiled and dropped all of the bags in the middle of the floor except one.   "I just had to go shopping before my trip! Can't look like a bum all the time you know?" My mouth dropped open and I furrowed my eyebrows.   "You said you were going to get your hair done! Not that you were going to buy out the mall! I wanted to go too!"   "I did get my hair done, see!" She spun around in a full circle and flashed her hair around. I didn't say anything else, just cross my arms and pouted. "Oh don't get your panties in a twist! You really think I didn't get you anything?? It's probably better than everything I got for myself!" I went from angry to curious. I lifted an eyebrow as my aunt held out the bag to me that she didn't drop. Taking the bag in my hand, I opened it to see a white box with a picture of an 'iPhone' on it. I'm pretty sure my mouth hit the floor.   "WHAT?!?!?!?!" My aunt started laughing really hard. I opened the box and sure enough, there was a white iPhone in it. I wrapped her in a huge hug still pretty shocked at what just happened. My aunt never did anything like this for me. I knew she loved me and everything but this wasn't like her, but hey, I'm not complaining.   "What made you get this?!" She slowly stopped laughing and was left with just a smile on her face.   "Well, I was thinking a lot today. Mostly about how much of a blessing you've been to me in my life. You're a straight 'A' student, you help out around the house, and basically the best neice an aunt could ask for. So, there ya go." At this point, we both had tears in our eyes and wrapped eachother in another hug.    "You're the best, Tia." My aunt wasn't the emotional type so I knew this wouldn't last long.   "I know!" She released her grip on me and we both laughed. "Are you all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning?" She asked still smiling.   "Yes, indeed I am. And I am feeling better by the way. I know everything will be fine, I was just over thinking it." She smiled triumphantly.   "Told ya! Anyway, you should probably go get some sleep. We're waking up mighty early tomorrow." I nodded and started for the stairs but stopped and turned around.   "Oh, and Tia?"   "Yeah?"   "Thanks, for everything." She smiled and nodded knowing when I said everything, I meant EVERYTHING. I got upstairs to my room and plugged my new iPhone into the wall with it's charger. As excited as I was about it, I was still exhausted and decided I would play with it tomorrow on the plane. I changed into some sweats and a tank top and shut off the light. Crawling in bed, I laid my head down on my pillow and drifted off to sleep.   ************************************************************************   My alarm was going off like crazy and it took every ounce of energy I had just to hit the 'snooze' button. I cracked open my eye and almost died when I saw '5:00' displayed on it. Tia came in with her eyes half open and walked around like she was limp in her left leg. I dragged myself out of bed and walked straight to the bathroom.    "What time are we leaving?" I said as I passed her.   "6:30, and your plane leaves at eight." I just grunted to let her know I understood. The shower was pretty comforting and woke me up enough to get dressed. I got my suitcase and wheeled it down the stairs. My aunt was at the table sipping on a cup of tea waiting for me. "Well you're dressed nice for an early plane ride." I looked down at what I was wearing and shrugged. I was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans with a simple v-neck, white, t-shirt.    "I'm not wearing anything fancy, just decided not to bum it today." She smiled cheekily at me.   "Well, we've got no time to waste! Let's go!" I slumped my shoulders and followed her out the door.   "Oh wait!" I forgot my phone! Geez.... I ran up to my room and snatched it off my dresser with the charger. As I was wrapping up the charger my eyes rested on the picture of my parents and I. I picked it up and tucked it my backpack in case I needed it for emotional support while I was gone. Running down the stairs to the car, I stuffed the charger in my bag and hopped in the car.   "Everything good?" I nodded and she backed out of the driveway. Most of the car ride was quiet except the random questions about school and stuff. The trip to the airport was going by faster than anticipated, thus causing me to get nervous when we pulled up to the parking garage. Trying to keep my cool, I stepped out of the car and pulled out my suitcase. "I'll stay with you as long as I can, but I'm pretty sure when we get to security, I wont be able to come." I sighed as we started walking toward the baggage check.   "It's okay. I'll cherish every second!" I smiled as big as I could causing her to laugh. We went through baggage check and ate breakfast together in the food court. By the time we finished eating it was 7:30.   "I should get going. My flight leaves in thirty minutes." Tia looked down for a moment and I saw her eyes starting to get red. "Oh God, please don't cry. If I start crying I wont be able to stop." She giggle a little bit and stood up with me. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her the tightest hug I could.   "I love you Ashley. Be sure to call me everynight, okay?" I smiled and nodded, wiping any tears I had from my eyes.   "I love you too, and I promise."    "Go. Don't miss your flight. Grandma has one of her friends waiting for you at baggage claim when you get there. Be safe." I hugged her one last time as I walked away toward the international gates.   "I love you! See ya soon!" I called back one last time as she waved goodbye. Okay, don't look back again or you'll be a wreck. I kept my gaze forward and walked at a steady pace. I took the train over to security and made my way to the gate with my flight. It took almost twenty minutes just getting through all that. Just as I walked up to the gate they began boarding. I showed the lady at the desk my ticket and walked onto the plane. I quickly claimed a window seat and put my carry-on bag over top.   I sat down and took a deep breath. Don't cry.....Don't cry.....Don't cr..... I couldn't hold it in. The tears came rushing down my face like a waterfall. I wasn't making any noise, I just had water pouring off my face.   *Niall's P.O.V.*   We were cutting it way too close. All of the boys and I had woken up late and we were just about to miss our flight back to the UK. We had just made it through security and only had about five minutes until the plane left.    Just as we rounded the corner I could see our gate from across the room.   "Last call for flight 372 to London."   We all sprinted to the gate and doubled over, breathing heavily, when we got there.   "Running a bit late, are we?" The lady behind the desk giggled a bit giving us a slight smile. I smiled back and nodded. "Well it's okay, you're right on time!" We all handed her our tickets and started to board the plane.    As we made our way down the isle, something caught my eye. A gorgeous girl with beautiful blonde hair was staring out the window, sitting by herself and had tears running down her face. Without hesitation I started to walk over to her.   "Mate, our seats are right here." I turned to look back at Harry who was pointing at a row of seats behind us. I nudged my head in the direction the girl was and he followed my gaze. When he saw her, he just raised his eyebrows, shrugged and sat down. I continued towards her and got to the row of seats she was sitting in.   "Do you mind if I sit here?"   _________________________________________________________   *A/N   Hey guys(: Hope you like this Chapter! If you have any comments our questions, be sure to ask or tell me. Thanks(:
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