For the better

Ashley has experienced twist and turns throughout her whole life, but nothing can prepare her for what's to come.


4. Closer

*Liam's P.O.V.*   I sighed in defeat, knowing I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I guess that's what I get for drinking coffee. Not to mention, Harry, who kept laughing extremely loud everytime something funny happened in the movie he was watching. One of the flight attendants was wheeling a cart with food and drinks down the isle asking if anyone wanted something.   "Can I interest you boys in something?" Harry was the first to react and removed his ear buds from his ears.   "Why yes, yes you can." He said with a wink. Louis cracked up and I just rolled my eyes. Typical Harry. The lady smiled a bit and looked down.   "I meant something to drink." She said trying not to smile.    "Oh. Yes please. I'll just take a water." She nodded and looked at the rest of us. We all told her what we wanted and she kindly gave it to us. As she went on to the other passengers, I lightly hit Harry in the chest.   "You are such a flirt." He dropped his jaw and put his hand on his chest like he was actually offended. After he recovered he pointed behind him.   "I'm not the only one, Niall seems to be taking quite the interest in that girl over there." I hadn't even know Niall was missing. I turned around to see a very beautiful girl waking up and taking her head off of Niall's chest, who was also just waking up. I saw him say something and look up at the flight attendant with the food cart. His eyes lit up. Poor kid is probably starving. I turned back around and pulled out my phone to text him. I'm pretty sure we were allowed to use our phones once we were in the air.    To: Niall                                                                                                                                                                     From: Liam         Hey buddy, why don't you bring your new friend over here so we can meet her? There's two seats right here with your names on them(;                                                               *Ashley's P.O.V.*   I woke up right where I fell asleep, with a sleeping Niall as my pillow. Leaning back into my own seat I couldn't help but wonder, what exactly happened to me? All this time I've lived in the US I've been this closed off loner who doesn't want anything to do with anyone. Something about him makes me feel secure for once. I didn't think about it too much and layed the thought aside.    The plane shook a bit, causing Niall to wake up. He cracked his eyes open and stretched his arms out.   "Longest.... plane ride....ever..." He said as he yawned. I nodded in agreement. Just then, we noticed a flight attendant start walking down the isles with a large cart. "Thank God. I'm starving." While we waited I decided to ask him more.   "So, I forgot to ask, why are you going back to the UK?"   "We just got finished with our US tour and management is giving us a 2 month break."   "Oh, cool. That should be fun." He just nodded and smiled.   The attendant finally reached us and asked us if we wanted anything.   "What the biggest meatiest thing you have?" I turned to look at Niall who had the most serious look on his face. The lady laughed and pointed at an item on the menu. There was a picture of a steak and I swear I heard him moan. "That one...PLEASE."   "It'll be a little before it's ready,sweetie. It's thirty dollars, is that okay?" He nodded and sighed.   "That's a lot of money." He turned his head and shook it violently.   "That's not why I'm upset. I'm upset because I have to wait for my food." I lauged as he stuck his tounge out at me.   "Like food much?" I teased.   "You have no idea." He shook his head. My gaze was interrupted from a light coming from his lap. His phone lit up. He picked it up and stared at it for a second, then looked to me and smiled.   "What?" I asked confused.   "Would you like to meet my mates?" I shrugged and nodded. Niall was pretty nice, so that must mean his friends were too.... Right? He stood up and held out his hand, offering to help me up. Feeling a bit more comfortable around him now, I gladly took it with a smile. Following his lead, he took me down the isle to four, smiling boys who all said 'Hello' at the exact same time. I smiled and waved back shyly.   "This is Ashley. I was sitting with her back there." They all stood up and introduced themselves.   "Hi, I'm Liam."    "Hi, I'm Louis!" He was almost screaming. I flinched a bit, but then just smiled back.   "I'm Zayn. I'm going back to sleep." He put his hoodie back on and crossed his arms.   I looked at the last of the boys who was still smiling and about to say something.   "Hi, I'm Harry. You're very pretty. I think Niall fancies you." ................Awkward. I looked over to Niall who's cheeks were red as a tomato.   "Harry, shut up.... He's the stupid one." Niall retorted. I turned back to look at Harry who had his bottom lip out. He took one of his earphones and put it in his ear. I looked at the screen of his phone and noticed he was watching 'Dumb and Dumber'.    "Oh my god, is that dumb and dumber? I love that movie! Can I watch it with you, please?" Harry smiled widely and held out his other earphone while patting the seat next to him. I smiled back and sat down. I waved for Niall to come over and sit next to me, which he did. I put the earphone in my ear and Harry pressed play.     *Niall's P.O.V.*   I felt bad for yelling at Harry. I'm not sure why I got so mad when he said that. Usually I'd just laugh it off. When he said it, I felt really embarrased, and worried what she might think. And then we she sat down with Harry and started watching the movie with him, I felt jealous. I knew exactly what was happening to me, but I'm not doing anything until we get to know eachother better. I just bloody met her. We still have about 3 more hours of the flight left, and since no one was really interacting with me, I decided to sleep it off.   **********************************************************************************   I was awoken by someone shaking my shoulder.    "Niall, wake up. We're about to land." I looked over to see who's voice it was and saw a stressed out Ashley staring back at me. Her eyes were big and her skin tone dropped a couple shades.   "Are you okay?" I asked with concern for her.   "Remember how I told you I hated taking off." I nodded. "I hate landing more." Her back was pressed up against the back of the seat with her eyes closed. I wanted to try something. To see her reaction and see if she accepted it or not. Taking a risk I reached out and grabbed her hand, holding it tight. Her face almost immediately relaxed and she opened her eyes, looking over to me and smiled.   "Thanks." Trying to play it cool I just smiled back. On the inside though, my mind was going at a million miles a minute. She's actually holding my hand back. She likes it when I hold her hand. Does she like me in general? Or just like it when I hold her hand? I don't like her, do I?............... Niall, just shut up and enjoy the moment, I finally told myself. As the plane touched the ground she tensed up for a fraction of a second. I just squeezed her hand and she seemed fine again.    After we landed we all walked off the plane together and headed toward baggage claim. When we got there everyone got their stuff and Ashley found the guy she was supposed to meet. She went up to all of the boys and gave them hugs and when it was my turn I latched my arms around her and hugged tight. She didn't hug back at first, until I felt her put her hand in my pocket, and then she put her arms around my neck and hugged back.   "Thanks for everything today. From what you told me, I don't think we're very far from eachother. If you ever want to hang out, just call." As she let go she kissed my cheek and smiled. I bit my lip and nodded, smiling back. Winking, she started walking away and waved goodbye to all of us.   "Bye, Ashley! WE LOVE YOU!" Louis yelled across the airport. The rest of us just waved and smiled back. Soon she was out of sight.   "Good job, Niall. You probably just let the love of your life walk away without getting her number!" Harry said, in a serious tone. I dug through my pocket that she stuck her hand in and pulled out a small piece of paper and read it.   Niall, Thanks for being my emotional support/pillow/hand holder on the plane(: You seem pretty cool. So yeah, call me, Please?(;    I turned the piece of paper over and there, more valubale than gold, was her number on the back. I smiled and shoved it back into my pocket. This was going to be a fun break.   __________________________________________________________________________________   Thanks for reading guys! Tell me if you like it please(: Sorry I didn't get a chance to update yesterday. Friday is probably going to be the day that I don't ever update, due to work and stuff:P LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  
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