Hi my name is Annabelle but people call me anna. So I loved one direction since I was 2010. I am 18 now and for my 19th birthday I wantedc to meet them. So I went to a sighning and HARRY asked for my number OMG!!!!!! So he said he would call me. Will this change Anna's life will one direction fal apart?


1. The sighning

Annabelles P.O.V

Today was my birthday. Yay! So for my birthday I got 1D concert tickets and I got to go meet them at there sighning today. Also Yay! So I got dressed: My brown hair in a messy bown, wearing my 1D hot pink sweater, my ripped skinnies and my black TOMS. Off to the sighning. I got into my yellow volkswagon and down into downtown londan which was only 10 mins from my house there was so much traffic so it take like 30 mins.  Finally I got the i was in line for 2 hours luckily I brought snacks. Finally I brought my Take me home and Up all night albums for all then to sighn and my autograph book. First from Zayn (I got a hug), Niall (samething), Liam (got a kiss), Louis (hug) and Harry nothing. But after he was down sighning he asked for my number. OMG!!!! So I gave him my cell he said he would call me to go on a date sometime. I was so happy!! I waited with my phone for 5 days. No calls:(. Just then I got a call it was Harry. Harrys P.O.V Hi is this Annabelle. Yes it is. How are you. Good. So I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at nandos tonight at 8. Perfect she said. We talked for another hour. I got reading in a white t shirt, my jack wills hoodie and a pair of jeans. I wwas neavous. I left at 7:30. I got a table. I saw Anna she was wearing a yellow sundress, black Toms and her hair was curled. She was so pretty. 

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