Hi my name is Annabelle but people call me anna. So I loved one direction since I was 2010. I am 18 now and for my 19th birthday I wantedc to meet them. So I went to a sighning and HARRY asked for my number OMG!!!!!! So he said he would call me. Will this change Anna's life will one direction fal apart?


2. The Date

Annas P.O.V

I sat at the table were Harry was. I was so neavous. What if I messed up what if what if what if I said in my head. I needed to just play cool. Ok! Harry said I looked beautiful and that he wanted it to go well. He said just treat me like a normal guy not like Harry Styles the super sexy guy from one direction. We both laughed. We started telling eachother about our selves. Like how he loves playing football (soccer), watching films, hanging with friends and how I love going shopping, reading and watching films also. We were very alike. It was so fun. After Nandos we went for a walk in the park it was very romantic. He said he enjoyed it and we should have another one so tommorow we are going shopping in down town londan. I said I would call him. He said sounded great. So he took me home and kissed me on the lipsfor 10 seconds and said bye love. I blushed I went inside my house. My best friend who lives with me named Piper said so how did it go. I told her all about it she was so jelly. LOL. I went to bed. I woke up at 9:30 from a text from Harry. It said I will pick you up at 10:30. I only had an hour. I ran down stairs ate breakfast. Then got dresses with white skinnies, my hair down with a black bow in it, black long sleave, jean vest and flats. I looked good I heard the door bell ring. I ran down stairs hoping it was Harry. But no it was my ex James he still likes me but I hate him after he abused me. I slamed the door but he wouldn't stop knocking and ringing the door bell. I went ouside. To tell him to shut up. But he grabbed me and tried to kiss my a started screaming and kicking. Just then Harry showed up and...  

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