Hi my name is Annabelle but people call me anna. So I loved one direction since I was 2010. I am 18 now and for my 19th birthday I wantedc to meet them. So I went to a sighning and HARRY asked for my number OMG!!!!!! So he said he would call me. Will this change Anna's life will one direction fal apart?


3. Meeting the guys

Harrys P.O.V

I got out of my car and ran to Annabelle she was being hurased my some guy. I ran and thourgh him off her. I hugged her and said are you ok. She said yea I'm fine she had tears in her eyes. The guy got up and punched me in the face. I puched him and told him to leaveor I'm calling the cops he left. I took Anna to my car. She looked scared. I asked her what happend she told me everything he sounded like a real idiot. I hate guys like that. I took her shopping I bought her a stuff animal cat so she could remember me. She bought me a stuffed panda. Then we went into forever 21 she tried on a pink dress she looked so beautiful.Then a black skirt and a white crop top that said love on it she looked so hot. She got both off them. I went into American Eagle I got a pair of cackies and a navy blue top. Then I took her out to eat. We were having an amazing time I took her to my hotel were she would meet the boys.      Annas P.O.V                                                                                           We got into the hotel room and all the boys were there. Oh so this Annabelle the girl that Harry won't shut up about. We all laughed. We all talked and watched films. It was very fun they were really nice guys. Later that night we all went out for icecream. We all got cones. Niall finished 2 before I could evan finish 1. We had a great night. We went back to harrys room.  He slamed the door shut and we started making out. His soft lips against mine. Felt too perfect. It lasted a least half an hour. I texted Piper telling her I was spending the night with Harry. He wraped his arms around me and said good night love.

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