A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


10. TOUR IN 2 WEEKS?!? I thought it was in 4!


    Lilly’s P.O.V

I woke up on the couch to the sound of the TV and a bunch of laughter and screaming. I forgot the all the boys and I knocked out on my couch and on the floor last night. I look around and see Louis and Liam in the kitchen Harry on the phone Zayn and Niall on the floor playing a video game.

“Good morning Lilly!!” Niall said and I smiled and sat up. “Morning Niall!” I got up off the couch and walked over to the kitchen and sat down at on a stool. “Morning Lilly” Liam said to me and smiled. “Morning Liam” I said and yawned. “Want some tea?” he asked me and I nodded. “Yes please!” He turned around and in a few minutes handed me a cup of tea. “Thanks, So you and Lou are making breakfast this morning?” I asked and took a sip of my tea. “YUP!” Louis yelled out and I laughed.


                                        Harry’s P.O.V

                I was on the phone with management for about 30 minutes now. “Sorry for the wait Harry” said Simon “We have a bit of change for the upcoming tour, well it was supposed to be in 4 weeks but that has changed we added another concert and now the tour is going to be in 2 weeks.” I stayed silent for a moment. “What!? 2 weeks?”

“Yes, I know it doesn’t give you boys and Lilly much time to prepare but you are going to have to start today”

“Okay I understand Simon, well let me tell everyone the news talk to you later.”

And we hung up the call. 2 weeks to get ready oh gosh…I walked over to Lilly and sat down on the stool next to her. “Good morning love.” I said and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled at me. “Morning Harry.” She said and took another sip of her tea. “So what did Simon say?” Louis asked me and I sighed. “We should all gather around for this.” Louis nodded “Well breakfast is done so why don’t we talk about it while we eat.” I agreed and we all sat down at the table.

                                Lilly’s P.O.V  

        We all sat down at the table and began to eat, We didn’t talk about Harry’s phone call with the management until someone brought it up. “So what did management want?” Niall asked Harry, and he sighed. “Well it’s a good thing I guess…but also bad, they added another concert to our tour.” He said and everyone look confused. “How is that bad?” Zayn asked him and we all agreed with him. “That’s the good part-“

“Then what’s the bad?!!?” Niall butted in anxious to hear what it was. “Well there was 4 weeks till tour, 4 weeks to pack but now since they added another concert there is only 2 weeks.” Everyone stayed silent. “2 weeks?!?! That’s it?!?!” I blurted out and Harry nodded. “But that’s not enough time! I have to go shopping for clothes and pack and we haven’t started at all.”  I sighed. “I know that’s why we have to start everything today.” Everyone one agreed after breakfast we all cleaned up got dressed and left the houses.

(Author's note (A/N)  Guys im sorry i havent been updateing lately its school i come home and do school work and im just so tired i been going to sleep lately im trying my best to update more often. This was a make-shift chapter its just i needed to get to the point lol it was a small chapters and more better chapters to come soon! )

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