A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


14. The work begins

Chapter 13- The work begins 
        Lilly's POV
I woke up with the sound of someone banging on my hotel room door. "Lilly! wake up!!" i heard Harry sayingthrew the door. I got up from bed looked at Ally who was still seeping and threw a pillow at her. "Wake upAlly!" i said and went and opened the locked door. 'Morning beautiful!!" he said to me and i smiled a little."Morning harry" i said and he kissed me on the cheek. "go get ready today is your first day on the job, You,Ally, and the 5 of us are going to go down to the arena to practice," i stayed quite for a moment. 'Ally'scoming too?!" i said happily. "Yea well why wouldn't she ?" he asked. 'Get dressed meet you guys in the lobbyin 1 hour." he said and kissed me one more time on the cheek and walked off to his room. 
        "Ally your still not awake?!?!" i grabbed another pillow and threw it at her. "wake upp!!" i yelledand she turned around and fell off the bed. "Oh my gosh ally are you okay?!!?" I said laughing she looked atme with an evil face and then we both started laughing. "Come on lets get ready we have to be down stairswith the boys in an hour! we got work to do!!" She stood up and we both started getting dressed. 
        Harry's POV
       The boy's and i got done getting ready so we all went out of our room. "Are the girl's done gettingdressed yet?" Niall asked and i shrugged. "I have no idea." i said to him. "I will go knock on their doors."Zayn said and went across the hall and knocked on their door. "COMING!!" i heard them yell at the same timeand then they laughed. When they opened the door Ally and Lilly were standing there in their clothes withtheir purses. "VAS HAPPIN' GIRLS?!?!" Zayn yelled and the girls started laughing. "Ready to go?" Louis saidfrom behind Zayn and they both nodded closing the door behind them.  When Lilly came out of the room shelooked for me and when she saw me she smiled and walked over to me. "Hello love" i said and kissed herlightly on the lips. She smiled up at me. "Morning Hazza" she said. I grabbed her hand and intertwined myfingers with her's.
        Lilly's POV
"AWWW HOW CUTE!!" Louis yelled from behind. "Shut up!!" i said and blushed. We all meet Paul by the elevatorand took it down to the lobby. Of course when we got to the lobby there was ton's of girls standing theirwaiting for the boys to come out. I looked back looking for Ally and Clearly saw she was with Niall. When shesaw me looking at her she smiled and blushed a little. I motioned for her to come over to me. When she cameover Paul stopped us real quick. "Girls stay close, im going to let the boys take some pictures with the fansand sign a few things and then we will be on out way." We both nodded. "Okay" We both said at the same time."All those fan's are looking at us." Ally said to me and i smiled and looked at all the fan's and waved andthey screamed even louder. "Yea because they know im Harry's girlfriend and your my best friend." She smiled."Don't worry Ally, once you and Niall start going out you will be even more famous." she blushed. "We arenot!" i smirked at her. "Oh really? the way he was looking at you walking down here you both obviously likeeach other." She blushed.  "Okay Girls lets go!" Paul said telling us to come with him. we nodded and walkedover to him and the boys.
        Harry's POV
        After Paul let us sign some things for the fan's and take pictures we all went inside our tour busvan and headed for the arena to get some practice of whats going to happen tonight. After about a 30 minutedrive we finally got their. Everyone was here. "Josh, Andy, even baby Lux and Lou" I said hello to everyoneand introduced Lou and baby Lux to Ally and Lilly. "Okay girls come with me." Lou said and they went off backstage. the boys and i started talking a bit on how excited we were for the concert tonight. But shortly afterour conversation started it was time to get to work.
        Lilly's POV 
"Time to get to work girl!" Lou said to us and showed us what we were going to be doing. "Wait, Lou but mybest friend Ally here doesn't know how to do make-up as well as i do." She looked at Ally and shrugged. "Shecan learn! And she will learn!" ally smiled. "Yay!"
        We stayed in the arena for about another 3 or 4 hours practicing it was about 2pm when Lou wasfinished with us so we went up front and sat down the front row seats and watched the boys practice. it wasabout 3pm when they boys finished practice. We all wanted to go out for lunch/dinner before the concert so weall went back to the hotel.

Sorry its been so long that i have updated been busy but im going to continue to update whenever i can! Also i started a new fanfic and its with Liam so please feel free to read! :D thanks guys!

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