A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


2. Is this really happing?!?!


I got home at about 12am. I was exhausted. Today had been the BEST day ever! I was in my room lying down. I grabbed my phone and the 5 pieces of paper the boys each gave me. I looked at the first one it’s from Niall. It had his phone number and under it said 'Hello! you should text me whenever you read this or whenever you can! It was very niice meeting you today i had so much fun! P.s don’t read Harrys till last.' i entered his phone number into my phone and smiled. I opened the next paper and it was from Zayn. It said ‘VAS HAPPING LILLY?!?!?’ I laughed and read the rest.’ It had his phone number and as well on the bottom it said ‘P.S DO NOT read Harrys till last.’ I put his number into my phone and thought to myself. ‘What is up with them and wanting me to read Harrys last?’ I looked at the next one. Louis the first thing I see that’s on the paper is ‘HARRRRYYYY LOOOOVVVEEESSS YYYOOOUUU!!!!!!!’ I laughed put his number in my phone opened the next one. Liam. ‘Hello love x well hopefully you’re not reading this last! Harrys needs to be last ;) it was nice meeting you, your lots of fun to be around text me? Can’t wait to hang out soon(:’ I smiled and put his number into my phone. All the boys are really niice.’ I said out loud .

I was actually kind of nervous to read Harry’s piece of paper. I opened it and it said. ‘Hello Lilly(: so I really had so much fun talking to you! I think you are really cute!(;’ I was blushing..i continued to read. ‘Well you need to text me like right now at this very moment because I need to ask you something!!!!!!!!’ then all was left was his phone number. I put it into my phone and texted him. ‘Hello(:’ in less than a minute he replied. ‘Hello love(:’ I smiled I was trying to stay awake it’s been such a long day. ‘So um on your paper you told me you had something to ask me? ‘ I sent the message. He didn’t reply. For like 5 minutes and I feel asleep but then I woke with a start , I heard my phone ringing and I see its Harry, “Hello..” I answered. “LILLLLYYYYY” he yelled threw the phone and I laughed. “Yes Harrehh?” “Oh no! You sound sleepy Lilly! You’re not allowed to fall asleep!” I smiled “But I’m tirrred!! I’m trying not to fall asleep though.” He laughed. “Ok I’m going to get to the point...Do you like to go out tomorrow?”

“Like a date?” I said. “Um yea” he said and I blushed I’m glad he couldn’t see me. “Yes…I would like that.”  I couldn’t stop smiling. ‘Is this really happing?’ I thought to myself. “Awesome...-“ then all I heard in the background was. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” I giggled and then yawned. “I can tell you tired Lilly, want to hang up?” I thought about it for a moment. “Noo I wanna keep talking!” he chuckled. “Okk”
. . .

Harry and I talked till about 4 in the morning. Of course all the boys kept jumping into our conversations. I feel asleep around 4:15am listing to all the boys sing.

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