A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


1. introduction/ CALL US MAYBE?!?!


I just got home from school today was the last day. Its Friday One Direction Is back in London for a week or so, until it’s time for them to leave for their Up All Night tour. I immediately got up from my bed when I heard the doorbell ring it was my best friend Alejandra she looked disappointed. “Hey Ally what’s up?” I said to her letting her into my house she made her way to my room I followed her. She laid down on my bed and started crying. “Ally what’s wrong?!?!” I asked her and sat next to her, she looked at me. “Lilly, my parents caught me sneaking out yesterday…they have grounded me and told me I can’t go to the One Direction concert tonight…they said I have to give the ticket away…” I looked at her in shock. “What no...You parents wouldn’t do that to you!” She nodded. “Well they did….but I just came over to tell you I’m going to give you my backstage pass and ticket. You are my best friend and I know how badly you have wanted to see them so here.” She handed me the pass and ticket. “Oh my gosh…thank you so my Ally!!” I gave her a hug. “Well I have to go I’m grounded for like a month…I have to go home bye...” Before I could say anything else she ran out my room crying and I heard the front door slam close…I screamed. "I cannot believe I am going to see One Direction tonight!!"




Chapter 1- Call us maybe?

I was here I was actually here! I’m sitting here in the arena were one direction will be preforming in less than 5 minutes! I didn’t know anybody here because I came alone but I quickly made new friends! Oh how I loved being a Directioner. It’s like a big family united together! ‘This must be a dream’ I thought to myself as the clock counted down from 20, a video started playing. Front row seats and a v.i.p backstage pass to see and meet One Direction! ‘I’m out of my mind’ I thought to myself. 5 seconds left. I was screaming like the little fan girl I am.

. . .

“The concert was amaZAYN!! “ I said to a girl I meet. Her name was Jasmine. She sat right next to me, and like me she came alone. We quickly became friends exchanging phone numbers to hang out sometime. We both stand in line waiting for it to be out turn to meet the boys we were the very last to girls. “Oh my god today has been the best day of my life!” Jasmine said to me. I nodded. “Yes it was!! I cannot wait to meet the boys! Ahh!!” I said agreeing with her...An hour has passed and it was finally Jasmines turn to go. She looked at me with the biggest smile on her face talking to the boys and taking pictures. One thing I have noticed was that Harry has been looking at me for a while now. Every time I would look up to look at the boys and patiently wait my turn their he was, his beautiful green eyes looking into my light blue eyes. I blushed and the boys joked around saying. “ooooo Harry has a little crush !” and he shoved them and they all laughed.

It was finally my turn I waited pretty much 2 hours for this!! Harry kept his eyes on me. My heart was racing. I slowly walked towards them; I had no idea what to say ahh!!! “VAS HAPPIN?!!?!?!” Zayn suddenly yells and we all start laughing. “What’s your name babe?” Liam asks me. ‘OH MY GOD HE CALLED ME BABE.” I smiled “My names Lilly.” Harry smiled.” I love that name Lilly.” He smiled and winked at me. ‘OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT…’ I screamed in my head. “Oh uh…thanks...” I blushed. Niall looked at me. “Well you must feel special because you are the very last girl to see us! That means you get to spend much longer time with us.”, Louis jumped in. “WHO IS YOUR FAVEROTIE?!?!?” I laughed. “Don’t ask me that!! That’s a hard question!” We all looked around and laughed. “So Lilly , how did you like the concert?” Harry asked me. “It was great! I still can’t believe this is actually happing to me!” Harry smiled. “I’m glad you had fun love.”
After about 10 minutes of talking to all the boys we finally took some pictures. My phone rang and I looked down to see a message from my mother saying she was 5 minutes away. “What’s wrong?” Louis asked me and suddenly all 5 boys were looking at me. “My mom is almost here…I don’t want to go I am having so much fun with all of you guys…I got to see the real you.” They all smiled. “AWWWWWW” the all said at the same time and we all laughed. “We will be right back!” Niall said. They all went into a dressing room and were in their for like 5 minutes…
“Guys…my mom is here…I have to go...” I said hoping they would come out soon. “WAIT HOLD ON!!” Louis screamed and laughed. I texted my mom. ‘Be out in 5’

All of a sudden all they boys came out and started singing. “Hey we just meet you and this is crazy! But call us maybe!?” and each of them came to me giving me a paper with their phone numbers. I smiled, “Oh my gosh is this really you guy’s phone numbers?!?” they all nodded. “This has to be a dream!” I yelled and they chuckled. “Well I have to go my mom is waiting for me. We all said goodbye we hugged, and I walked out of the arena and went to my mom’s car and we drove home.

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