A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


6. From a fun day to a sad day. (PART2)


“…Your mothers lung cancer has come back…pretty badly this time it looks like the cancer came back about a month ago and your mother never noticed so over the month it just kept getting worse up until today when she called an ambulance to get her because she was having a hard time breathing and she did know why.” I stood there in silence tears were streaming down my face. “No this can’t be…” I said wiping the tears from my face but they just kept coming. “I’m sorry. It also looks like we are going to have to do surgery to remove part of her left lung. You are free to go into your mother’s room whenever you are ready. She will go into surgery tomorrow morning and will be able to have visitors around noon.” I nodded and as soon as he left I busted out crying. Harry pulled me into a hug and everyone else came to hug me as well forming a big group hug. After about a minute we all let go of the hug. “Do you want to go see your mom?” Harry asked me and I nodded. We all walked over to her room in silence.

We got to her door, Liam knocked on the door and we heard a weak voice saying “come in…” He opened the door and Let me in first followed by Ally, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and then Liam. I walked over to her bed and she looked at me. “Lilly…” my mom said weakly I bent down gave her a hug and continued to cry. “Please baby don’t cry. I’m going to be ok..” she said very weakly. Harry walked over to me and hugged me. I introduced my mom to the rest of the boys since she has never meet them before my mom got a little bit more ahold of herself and we were all able to hold a conversation with her of course with her having to stop for breaks because she couldn’t breathe.

We all stayed at the hospital till about 5pm, the doctors came in to check up on her. She was doing ok. “Sweetie you should go home and let your mother rest. She needs all the rest she can get so she can get better.” I nodded. “ok we will be leaving soon.” I said with a sad look to my face. The doctor nodded and left. I looked at my mom. “Well mom I guess it’s goodbye till tomorrow.” She nodded. “I love you baby.” She said and she had a tear come out of her eye, I wiped it for her. “I love you to mom.” I said kissed her on the check and gave her a hug. All the boys said their goodbyes to my mother and as well as Ally. “See you tomorrow mom.” I said and we left.

. . .

We finally go back to Harry’s house. We all took turns taking showers, After I took my shower and got dressed in some pajama shorts and a tank top I told Anne, Harry’s mom what was going on with my mom. Liam and Niall picked out some movies to watch. Everyone was finished taking a shower. We warmed up some popcorn and had a couple of bags of chips. The first movie we were to watch was Liam’s favorite (and mines to) Toy story 1 ,2, and 3.  I sat in a couch with Harry Liam and Zayn and Ally sat with Niall and Louis. It was about 10pm when we finished all the movies. I was still a little down from what had happened so the boys decide to go into Harry’s room and make a plan to cheer me up. I stayed in the living room with Ally. “What do you think they are going to do?” Ally shrugged. “I have no idea!!” We waited for like 10 minutes and the boys finally came out. They decided to put on a talent show. They started singing for us a goofing. “SHOT ME OUTTA THEY SKYYYYYY” Louis screamed as he got on top of the couch and jumped off. We all started laughed. After about 1 hour of almost peeing ourselves the boys stopped because they were tired. Ally looked at everyone. “GUYS!! Its been fun but I have to go. My parents want me home. “ we all looked at each other and then screamed. “AWWWWWWWWW” and got up and gave her a hug. She left but all the other boys stayed. It was about 12am now and we were all tired they boys went to the guest rooms they were staying in Louis and Zayn shared a room and Liam and Niall shared one. I said goodnight to all the boys and walked over to Harry’s room. I lay down on his bed while I waited for him to use the bathroom. He came into the room and laid down next to me. “Hello love.” He said to me a leaned in to kiss me on the lips, we kept kissing till we both needed to stop for a breath of air. “Did you get cheered up when they boys and I put on that talent show for you?” He asked me, “Yes I love you guys…” I smiled and he gave me another kiss on the lips. “I love you.” He said I smiled and kissed him. “I love you to Harry.” I said to him and hugged him. He gave me one more kiss and said. “goodnight love.” And turned off the light. I felt him put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest and fell asleep.

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