A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


5. From a fun day to a sad day. (part one)


I woke up the next day still on the couch with Harry where we fell asleep last night. “Good Morning beautiful.” He said to me and I smiled. “morning.” I rubbed my eyes and got up to use the restroom. I came back and I see Harry watching TV in the living room and Anne cooking breakfast for us in the kitchen. “Good Morning Lilly!” Anne called out to me. “Morning Anne!” I said and went and sat down by Harry. He put his arm around me and gave me a small kiss in the lips. “So what do you think about Hanging around the house today? I invited the boys to come over we can hang around and go for a swim.” I smiled. “That sounds like loads of fun!” and I paused. “Do you think I can invite Ally?, I feel bad.” Harry nodded. “Of course you can! I think she will have fun too!” I smiled “thanks Harry” I got up and grabbed my phone and called Ally. “Hello?” she said. “Hey Ally! I wanted to ask you something !”

“Yea sure what’s up?! Wait…HOW WAS YOUR DATE YOU NEVER CALLED ME!” Harry heard her say that and he chuckled. “Sorry I forgot to call you I slept over Harry’s house and fell asleep quickly.” I said and she was silent for a while. “Ohhhhh. So what did you wanna ask me?”

“Oh well today we aren’t really doing anything today but Harry invited all the boys to come over and hang out maybe go for a swim in his pool, do you wanna come?” she was silent for a moment. “OF COURSE I DO!!” I said and Harry and I both laughed a little. “Ok I will text you Harry’s address.”

“Ok! When do you want me to come over?!?!”  I looked at Harry. “whenever.” He said and I nodded. “Whenever you want.” I said to her. “Harry, Lilly breakfast is done!” Anne called out to us. “Hey I will text you the address, got to go! Anne made us breakfast bye Ally!” I said and hung up. Harry and I went over to the table and sat down. “Thanks for the breakfast Anne!” I said and she smiled. “Oh of course!” We ate breakfast and Harry, Anne, and I sat there talking for a while.

We heard the doorbell ring. “I will get it.” Harry said and got up and walked to the door. I helped Anne put away the stuff and clean up. “VAS HAPPIN?!?!” I heard Zayn yell and I heard Niall as well.  Harry greeted them. I walked out of the kitchen from helping Anne and Niall and Zayn quickly came over and hugged me.  “Hi guys!” I said with a smile on my face. They brought over a bunch of snacks and some swimming trunks and extra clothes. I texted Ally to bring her swim suit and extra clothes. She texted back saying ‘k be there in 10’

“Louis and Liam are bringing drinks and are getting some things at the store to fool around with in the pool and stuff.”

“Cool!” I said and Niall and Zayn went to the bathrooms to change into their swimming trunks. Harry and I walked over to his room I got my blue and green bikini and my towel. Harry led me over to his sister’s room. “You can get dressed here ok?” he said and I nodded he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left to change in his room. I put my bikini on and walked out of the room with my towel over my shoulder. I walked out to the living room and see Anne. “They boys are already at the pool. I nodded thanks I said and walked outside to the pool. The boys were messing around and laughing. They all whistled at me when I walked out and I blushed a little. “Come in Lilly the water feels great!” Niall said to me and shook my head. “Why not?!” Zayn said and splashed water at me I screamed a little and we all started laughed. My phone started to ring. “Hello?” I answered. “Hey I’m here..” ally said. “ok I will get you!” I said put my phone down. “I will be back! Ally is here!” I said and Harry nodded. “Who’s Ally?” Niall asked Harry. I walked away went into the house and opened the front door. “Hi Ally!” I said and pulled her into a hug. “You look Sexy.” She said to me and I laughed and let her in. “Who is there dear?” Anne said to me. “Oh Anne this is my best friend Ally” Anne walked over to us and shook Ally’s hand. “It’s very nice to meet you. “Come on Ally follow me so you can get dressed.” She nodded. I led her to Harry sister’s room were  had gotten dressed, I closed the door and locked it, I sat down on the bed and Ally got undressed and started to put on her purple and black bikini. “So Ally…are you ready to have some fun?”  I said to her and she nodded. “YESSS” she said and I laughed

We walked out to the pool, Liam and Louis just here. I greeted them. “Guys this is my best friend Ally, Ally of course you know who everyone here is.” She smiled and greeted everyone. Louis looked at me. “I thought I was your best friend Lilly!” I laughed. “I’m sorry Louis I forgot!” he pouted. “I’m sorry Lou...” I said and we all started laughing. Ally and I refused to go into the pool because we thought the water was to cold. “Lilly! Come here! “Harry said and I shook my head. “No! You’re going to pull me into the pool!” I stuck my tongue out. “No I won’t!” he said and I finally got up and went to him. “Here put this up for me I went to grab what he had in his hand put once he grabbed my I realized it was a trick and he pulled me into the pool. I came up from under the water everyone was laughing. “HARRY!!” I said and slapped him on the shoulder. “I’m sorry babe I just had to do that!” he said and gave me a hug. “Whatever…!” I said and looked at Ally, “Come into the pool!!!” she shook her head. “Noo!!!” we all begged her and she finally came in.

We spent another hour in the pool and it was about 2:00pm we decided to get out and eat lunch. After we ate lunch we hung out by the pool messing around Niall had his guitar and we were singing dancing and messing around. It was about 3:00pm that my phone rang and got up and answered it. “Hello yes is this Lilly,  Joan’s daughter?” I was confused. “Yes this is her may I ask who is calling?”

“Yes this is Jennifer I am a Nurse at the hospital I just called to let you know that your mother has been admitted to the hospital she is not doing very well.” I paused looking around. “hello sweetie are you still there?”

“y-yes I am what do you mean my mother isn’t do very well?” at this point everyone was looking at me with a concern look. “well we are not sure she called in about an hour ago and the doctors are still doing test on her” the nurse said. “I will be there in a little. “ I said tears streaming down my face. I hung up and turned around looking at all the boys. “Lilly what’s going on?” Harry said. “My mom…she is in the hospital…I don’t know why…” Everyone was quite. “Let’s go.” Liam said and everyone immediately got up and went inside. I went to Gemma’s room with Ally to get dressed the boys went to the guest rooms and bathroom and Harry explains what was going on to his mother.

We all got dressed and as soon as everyone meet in the living room we all went outside. We took Louis and Ally’s car because they were the easiest ones to get out of the drive way. Harry and I went with Ally and everyone else in Louis car. Harry and I sat in the back while Ally drove. Harry had his arm around me and my head was against his chest. “Don’t worry Lilly; your mom is going to be ok…” he said trying to soothe me. “I hope she will be.” I hadn’t mention to anyone that a few years back my mom was diagnosed with cancer, it went away a year later and never came back and we thought it was gone for good.

The car ride seemed like it was forever but we finally got their all 7 of us ran up to the front desk. “Where is Joan my mom. What room is she in?!?!” I said the lady at the counter said. “She is on the 3rd floor room 303 but she can’t have any visitors yet. Go ahead and take the elevator up there and wait in the waiting room. I will let someone up there know who you are here for.” I nodded that was the same lady who was on the phone. “Thank you ma’am “ Harry said and we all got into the elevator.

. . .

I was sitting down it has been an hour since we got here.  Liam came over to me and said “Don’t worry Lilly I know none of us know your mom but you and Ally and I think Harry but she is going to be ok.” He smiled and me and gave me a hug. “Thanks Liam.”  Said. A doctor came in. “Who is here for Joan?” We all stood up. “Who is Lilly?” he asked and I raised my hand “I am sir.” He walked over to me and the boys came closer. “We ran some test on your mom, we see that about a year ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer am I correct?” I nodded. “Yes sir.”



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