A Harry Styles love Story

This story is about a girl named Lilly. She lives in London and One day she goes to a on direction concert and meets one direction Harry and herself instantly fall in love.


8. Busy Busy Day!


I woke up I was still in Harry’s arms right where I feel asleep. “Good Morning Beautiful.” He said to me and kissed me on the forehead, I smiled. “Good morning Harry.”  We both got up from bed. All of us were up and ready the boys had a meeting today and I was to go visit my mother at the hospital.

Anne made breakfast for all of us and then we all went to get dressed. We all walked outside at the same time and there was whole bunch of screaming girls and people taking pictures. I said bye to all the boys. Harry walked me to my car and gave me a small kiss on the lips and closed my door. I pulled out of the driveway and left, on my way to pick up Ally.

(KAY…so I know I don’t do the POV much but I’m going to start doing that from time to time now I hope you guys don’t mind I really need the POV for this chapter)


We had walked outside and there was a bunch of screaming girls and people taking pictures of us. I said good bye to Lilly, walked her over to her car and gave her a small kiss on the lips. She pulled away in her car. “Come on Harry!! We are going to be late for our meeting with management!” I nodded and went into the car. It took us about 30 minutes to get to our meeting we were just on time. We all sat down. “Okay boys…you guys go on tour in a couple of weeks you guys need to start getting ready start packing shopping whatever it is you need to do.” Said Simon We all nodded. “Any questions before we start the actual meeting?” He asked us and all the boys looked at me. “Yes Harry?”

“Um well…I was wondering…My girlfriend…Lilly. Can she come on tour with us?” Simon sighed. “Look I can try, but I don’t think we have the space. Unless she is a good makeup artist…one of the ladies on your make up team cannot come on tour and we are looking for someone new..” Liam looked at me. “You know Harry I do remember seeing some pictures of make-up she has done on her friends..” I nodded and so did Simon. “Bring her to me tomorrow at noon. If she can do make up she can come.” I nodded and smiled, and the meeting began.


Lilly’s  P.O.V

I picked up Ally and we were at the hospital. After waiting about 30minutes they finally let us into the room. “Mom!” I said and ran over to her giving her a hug. Ally followed me and gave her a hug as well. “I’m so glad you are okay!” she nodded. “I will be able to go home-“the doctor came in a finished my 

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