Veggies Help You

Carrots, or Tammi Jordan has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth, Tammi having been born only 3 minutes after Louis. When Louis auditions for the X factor, Carrots gots his back, and will still have it 2 years later, when hes a super star. They have kept close over those two years, and when Lou flies over for a visit, Carrots gets into an unforgiving accident, that would change her life. - I hope You like it __ Bunny xx


3. The Boys and Falling Objects


~ Carrots ~

It was heaven. Pure bliss. The intoxicating smell filled my nose, the gorgeous seen erased all from my mind, implanting that one thing in there for ever. I put my hand out to touch it. I was so close, just a little more, a litt-

*bleep bleep* My eyes shot open. The blue walls of my room took over my eyes, replacing the amazing dream I was having just moments before. I groaned. *bleep bleep* My laptop chimed. I rolled over, and woke up my laptop, just as it had to me. I must've fallen asleep last night while on twitter or something, beacuse that's what I saw when the screen lit up. I silently scolded my self. I could've knocked it over and broken it! *bleep bleep*. "Uggh!" I looked at my laptops notification bar and saw that I was recieving a Skype call from 'BooBear91'. Louis. I instantly smiled, and popped it open, and accepted the call. I stared at the loading screen. Yeah I know i probably looked like shit, but it was Louis, and possibly the rest of his band. But they were my closest friends and I was completely comfortable around them. I was in deep thought, when the video finished loading and five familiar faces popped on my screen. My face broke into a smile.

"Hey guys! Morning!" I said waving at the camera. They waved back with a chorus of 'Hey's', 'Hello's' and 'goodmorning's'. "Whats up?" I asked, rolling over, so that they had a good view of my scalp. I reached up to the shelf that was just above my head and groped around for a while. My arms where to short, so i had to arch my back a little bit to reach my phone. "You know, form our point of view, it looks like your having sex right?" Nial chirped up, making me and the rest of the guys laugh. I decided I was too far away from the shelf so i rolled over again, andrsesumed my arched back positoin, my hand looking for my phone.

All of a sudden, things just fell, and something hit me straight in the face. I sreamed, and fell off the bed, my phone falling with me. "Carrots?!" Liam called (him and her brother have the same name! - Bunnyx) My eye hurt! "Hold up!" I got up and walked across my room to the bathroom. i crossed the camera on my way, and the boy's saw me clutching my face. 

"What happened?" Louis called, but i was already in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My face was pale. It's been pale for a while now. I've been sick in bed for two days, coughing constantly, sneezing regularly and puking spontaneously. Unfortunately my face regained some color. Right below my eyes was a miniture gash, and it was slightly bleeding. I reached into my medicine cabinet, and grabbed my neon colored bandages. I got a green one, and after applying some Neosporen on it, gently placed it on my cheek bone. I winced. The slightest touch drew immense pain.

I calmed my hair down a bit, then walked out of the bathroom. "Carrots!" Louis yelled. I jumped, having forgotten he was in Skype. I walked over to my bed careful to keep my face out of the cameras reach. "What happened love?" Harry asked. "Oh nothing, something just fell on my face and it left a-" but i started, catching view of what hit me in the face. I stared for a while, then busted out laughung.

At first it was the 'head-falling-back-closing-your-eyes' kind of laughter, but it quickly escalated to a 'bending-over-clutching-your-stumach-crying-and-out-of-breath' kind. Bad idea, the boys saw my swollen cheek.

"What happened?" Louis shreiked making my laughter subside. I was still smiling when i held up the glass shard that he recognized in seconds. He too busted out laughing, the boy only looking on in confusion. "When we were 12, we had hit a baseball into Lou's neighbor, Ms. Harolds, window and i kept a peice because, you know that always happens in the movies and it happened to me. He's been telling me to get rid of it for ages but i never did. I still wont!" I cried triumphinatly. Liam shook his head. "If it makes you feel batter Liam, I'll put it away in a drawer?" i tried. I hated making anyone upset, and I always tried to make them smile if i did. Liam smiled, "Yes babe it would" and No i wasnt dating him, he was perfectly happy with his girl Danielle, and i had my pillow. We are very happy together(true chizz :/ - Bunny xx)

"So what do you have to tell me that you had to interrupt my dream of carrots?" i enquired, taking my little stuffed Carrot Louis sent me three months ago, him being on the xfactor still. I looked up to see the boys faces full of regret, and just flat out looking unhappy. "whats wrong?" i asked more anxios now.

"Carrots, we cant make it to your dance recital." Zayn said quietly looking down at where i suspected his hands to be. I was sad, but i put a smile on for them. "That all right guys, as long as you can make it to my next one right?" I said, trying to get them to stop being mad at themselves. Lou, who looked the most forlon of them all, looked up and said, "But Loren told us that they chose to do your song, and you have a solo! And we have to miss that." Oh Lou, you're the best friend ever.

"Its alright I promise! I'll record it for you guys if you want" I offered, but then Nial looked up, that mysterious smile he got when he had an idea was smacked on his face. "Why wait for later when you cand do it right now?" He wiggled his eyebrows and i just stared at him. Was he insane? Or was he a genius? "You're a genius Nial!" Lou answered for me. All five boys stared at me. I caved. "I'll only sing you the song I'm dancing to, the dance I'll record when i get to the studio and send it to you. Kay?"

"Wooohooo!!" Harry said running out of the room, entering seconds later with a bag of chips. "This is going to be good" Zayn whispered, taking a handfull of Doritos. I laughed. I was nervous. Lou saw that and reassured me by saying, "She is going to be awesome" I smiled at him, then grabbed my laptop and walked over to my mom's former office, MY new dance/music practice room.

I put my laptop on a table, then aimed the camera to where it could see the piano, and whoever was going to play it, namely me. "Okay guys, you ready for some serious screw up?" i asked loudly to make sure they heard my. I was answered by loud hollering back (girl).

I took my seat, ran my fingers over the instument i took up in the 7th grade, and slowly started my song. I wrote it myself for my dance team's recital (***Not true. The song is Skinny Love by birdy***)

The beginning only had piano, and after about 20 seconds, i began to sing.

"Come on Skinny Love,

Just last the year.

Pour a little salt,

We were never here.

My, my, my, my, my, my ,my, my, my.

Staring at the sink of blood

And crushed veneer.

I tell my Love

to wreck it all.

Cut out all the ropes

And let me fall.

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my.

Right in the moment

This orders tall.

And I told you to be Patient,

And I told you to be Fine.

And I told you to be Balanced,

And I told you to be Kind.

And in the morning I'll be with you,

But it will be a different kind.

'Cause I'll be holding all the tickets,

And you'll be owning all the fines.


Come on Skinny Love,

What happened here?

Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere.

My, my, my, my,my, my, my, my, my.

Sullen load is full;

So slow on the slpit.

And I told you to be Patient,

And I told you to be Fine.

And I told you to be Balanced,

And I told you to be Kind.

Now all your love is wasted?

Then who the hell was I?

Now I'm breaking

At the britches

And at the end

Of all your lines.

Who will Love you?

Who will fight?

and Who will fall,

Far behind?


Come on Skinny Love


My, my, my, my , my ,my ,my ,my ,my.

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my.


I finished. Tears were streaming down my face. They knew who i wrote the song for. They knew how hurt I was. "Carrots? Are you okay?" Harry called from the laptop. I shook my head. My heart hurt, alot. My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago, right on our anniversery. And how? By kissing that slut Jenifer Feester at my dance party. I still hadnt got over it.

"Carrots? Carrots, come here." Lou's voice rang. It sounded like he was right here, in flesh and skin. Myhead shot up, only to see my BooBear's head on the darkening laptop screen on the table. It hit me suddenly, how much i missed him. I let out a strangled sob. "Carrots? What's wrong?" They all bombarded me at once. I trugged over to the table. I knelt down so that they could see my pale face, now tear stained. "Why are you so pale? Are you sick? Do you need 999?" Liam shrieked. "I need you to come home" i choked out, then before they could answer, I closed my laptop cutting off the video chat session.

I coughed for a minute or so, then went back to my room to get ready for rehersal.


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