Veggies Help You

Carrots, or Tammi Jordan has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth, Tammi having been born only 3 minutes after Louis. When Louis auditions for the X factor, Carrots gots his back, and will still have it 2 years later, when hes a super star. They have kept close over those two years, and when Lou flies over for a visit, Carrots gets into an unforgiving accident, that would change her life. - I hope You like it __ Bunny xx


4. Sucess and Earnings

Carrots face left the screen. "Carrots?!" I shriek, grabbing the screen. She was so pale. Her normally pink cheeks where as white as snow. What was wrong with her?

"Louis, I think she just really misses us. And we werent there for her when she needed us" Harry said, gently rubbing my back.

We were in LA for VMAs, but that was over yesterday, so why weren't we home yet? Paul said we

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