Veggies Help You

Carrots, or Tammi Jordan has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth, Tammi having been born only 3 minutes after Louis. When Louis auditions for the X factor, Carrots gots his back, and will still have it 2 years later, when hes a super star. They have kept close over those two years, and when Lou flies over for a visit, Carrots gets into an unforgiving accident, that would change her life. - I hope You like it __ Bunny xx


2. Introduction Part 2


"Come on Carrots! Get up you're going to make us late." Louis cried, shaking his best friend gently. They were at her house, and Louis had stayed the night. He was already dressed in his regular skinny jeans and gray button up shirt with a light grey sweater on. "Mmmmh" Carrots grumpled, slipping of the bed, onto the floor. She landed on her bum, with a slight "ouch!"

Louis thanked her clumsiness silently, and pulled her off the ground. "Morning sleepy head. Go get dressed. Now." Louis demanded. He was nervous. And then he took Carrots appearance in.

 Carrots was fit, thanks to the 10 years of ballet she's been doing, but she was always going to be frail. She was so small compared to Louis. She was wearing her favorite supper man boxers and one of Louis favorite sweatshirts he gave her the night before. It was big on her; everything that belonged to Louis was big for her. But her amazing body wasn't what caught his attention. It was her face.

She was really pretty, and although Louis and her where only just best friends, he couldn't help but admit to that too. Her big green round eyes perfeclty complimetnted her hair, that was slightly brown slightly orange, a gorgeous mix. Her hair was long and up to just above the middle of her back. It was naturauly curlly, and it complimented her pale face perfectly. She had freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks and had a gorgeous smile, that was constantly on her face because she was constantly happy. But right now, she wasn't smiling. No she was far from it.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks, her eyes were puffy and red, and her nose was slightly pink, as it always got when she cried. "You're leaving me BooBear." she whispered, and then broke down sobbing.

"No, no love, I'm not leaving. You know I would never leave." Lou said taking Carrots into a firm hug.

Today he was auditioning for the X facotr, wich Carrots had talked him into. He revealed to her his passion of singing around the age of 14 and now they were both 18. They sang together all the time. Every one knew that Carrots loved to sing since she was a little girl. And now she loves it even more, being able to sing with her bestfriend. But now she was certain that Louis would get in, no, she knew he would get in. And she was terrified that he would forget about her. Louis was a big part of her life, and she counted on him to be there when she needed him.

She spilled all of it, crying into his firm chest. When she finished, Louis held her back, his arms firmly on her shoulders. "Carrots, for a straight A's student you are honestly so dumb sometimes. I am NEVER going to leave you. You are my best friend in the whole wide Lou-niverse",he said as they both smiled at their inside joke. "You promise?" she whispered, looking into his eyes dark with cincere-nes (i made a new word!! -Bunnyx) Louis took the silver necklace she had on, and gripped it in his hand. "I promise" she smiled, and Louis could tell she was relieved. "Now get ready, I cant show up in front of thousands of people with you looking like a filthy peasent" he said, gently turning her around, and pushing her towards her closet. She laughed and walked right in. She didnt care to change infont of Louis. Heck, they've seen each other naked before. Carrots was comfortable with her best friend. She changed into black skinny jeans with a white shirt that said "infinity" and the infinity sign on it (before it was directoinated -Bunny xx). She put on her favorite black combat boots and put on Louis' sweatshirt back on. She put her bangs into a little side braid, and then brushed her teeth. She walked out, looked Louis up and down, then said, "Come with me."

Lou follwed Carrots down the hallway to her parents room. He was sat down on the bed, then left alone to wonder what the heck Carrots was about to do to him. She was in the closet right now, and by the sound of it, she was digging deep for something. "Uggh!" Lou heard Carrots cry in frustration, quickly followed by an "aha!" of success. She came out holding something black in her hands. She had an eager expression on her face, and she let the object in her hand unfold. It was a tie.

"This is my dad's lucky tie. He lets me use it when I feel that I need luck. And I know that if he was here right now, he would give it to you, but he's not so I guess I have to." she said this all while draping the tie around Lou's neck and then doing a series of flips and ties with it. Once it looked the way a tie should look, she positioned it to where it was just close to perfect, the way she loved it.

"Thank you Carrots" Louis said, taking her into another massive hug.

"Carrots! Louis! It's time to go!" Molly called from downstairs. The best friends looked at eachother, then ran back to Carrots room, grabbed their duffel bags, and clomped down the stairs. "Finally! Jay was going to be late because of you! Now, Carrots, come here and give your mummy some sugar" Molly cried, holding her arms out, wich Carrots happily jumped into. "You listen here sweet heart, don't get to emotional. You are going to be on live television, and I know you don't want the world to think you're a wimp" Molly whispered into Carrots ear. Carrots laughed and hugged her silly mum even tighter. "Take care of my little squirt here, kay?" Carrots said, pulling away. Just then her little squirt ran in. Liam was only seven years old. "How long will you be gone?" he said, grabbing Carrots leg. "A short time babe. Don't worry, Carrots gonna bring you back something special. But i have a mission for you. Can you take care of my Bubba bear while im gone?" Carrots looked down at her little brother lovingly. He let go of his sisters leg, stood straight and tall, saluted, and his little gruff-y millitary voice said, "Sir, I can and I will, sir!" Carrots immitated his form and in her millitary voice said, "Caddet, I, and the world of stuffed furry lovers, will hold you up to that. Caddet dismissed." They put their arms down and Liam launched himself at his sister. "I'm gonna miss you. Come back fast" He sniffled, and said his goodbyes to Jay and Louis.

They were soon out the door, in the car, and waving to the people that seemed to be shrinking, every inch the car drove in the opposite direction. Carrots sighed, and plopped her head in Louis' lap. Jay was in the front driving, her headphones on to keep her awake on the long drive ahead. Louis started to play with Carrots hair and this relaxed the girl, and she was soon fast asleep. 

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