Veggies Help You

Carrots, or Tammi Jordan has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth, Tammi having been born only 3 minutes after Louis. When Louis auditions for the X factor, Carrots gots his back, and will still have it 2 years later, when hes a super star. They have kept close over those two years, and when Lou flies over for a visit, Carrots gets into an unforgiving accident, that would change her life. - I hope You like it __ Bunny xx


1. Introduction Part 1

"Faster Louis! Go Faster!" Nine year olds Carrots and Louis where speeding down a hill on a bike,Carrots sitting on the handle bars, holding on for dear life, while Lou was at the pedals, trying his best to entertain his best friend. They whooshed down the hill, laughing like mad, passing many sight of many memories.

Carrots and Louis have been best friends since birth (literally), them having been born on the exact same day, December 24 1991. Carrots' mum and Louis' mum have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember, and planned having kids on the same day. Fate was always on their side, and it never failed to prove them right.

Carrots mum, Molly Jordan, was originaly expecting a boy, but because the position the child was in, the doctor couldn't tell what sex it would be. Molly had no doubt that the child would be a boy, since Johannah (Jay) Tomlinson was expecting a boy. But, and for the one time ever, fate took favor of the child, and Molly gave birth to a baby girl exactly 3 minutes and 47 seconds after Jay gave birth to a baby boy. Jay named Molly's girl Tammi Jenevieve Jordan and Molly named Jay's baby boy Louis William Tomlinson. The girls had promised each other that they could name eachothers first born in middle school. They kept it alright, and would go beyond that. Jay had given Carrots her nickname when she was 1year 3/4 old.

Jay had been feeding Carrots some baby styled carrots."Come on sweety! Say 'Carrots' if you want some more! Carr-ots" Jay chirped at her god child. Carrots just reached out with her little hand and gurgled. She only wanted her carrots. "Nuh-uh-uh sweety. Mummy's been telling me that you havent spoken a word yet and Louis is over here babbaling on about birdies" Jay mumbled, turning around to check on her son, who was trodding around, looking at everything, holding Carrots stuffed horse in his hands. "Bowdie (birdie)" he cried banging Milly the Horse's head on the counter. "Yes birdie Lou, but if Birdie was ever in the house you come get momma, kay love?" Lou just stared at his mum, not understanding what she just said, then cried, "Bowdie!" and charged out of the room. Jay sighed at her rapidly growing son, then turned to face her rapidly growing god daughter, whose face was covered in carrots. "Carrots?! How did you get the carrots you sneaky little girl" Jay cried, wiping the food off Carrots face. She giggled then spoke for the first time ever, "Cawotts" she said in that adorable baby voice of hers. And just like that, Tammi became known as Carrots.

Now, back to what was going on earlier. It was Thanks Giving, fall of 2001. The two bored nine year olds (i did the math ;D -Bunny xx)  had trugged out side, eager to adventure and to cause trouble. They wore matching white long sleaved shirts with black stripes. Carrots wore red shorts, while Lou wore blue shorts and they had the same black rain boots on; it had rained that morning. They grabbed Lou's bike that was parked in the front lawn of Carrots flat. He had rode Donald, he named his bike after his dead goldfish, over to Carrots house that was only 3 houses down from his own.

They took off immeadietly, Lou already pedaling when Carrots jumped on. They had come to the end of the hill, and to the end of the street, and where still going super fast, friction not working so well on the wet asphalt.

Carrots orange curls where in Louis' gorgeous blue eyes, so he hadn't seen the squirrel that had sprinted right infront of him. Carrots loved animals, so her being the one that saw this, screamed and jerked the bike to the left avoiding the animal. The bike hit the curb. sending little Carrots off the bike and onto the side walk, hard. Lou simply fell over, the bike still inbetween his legs. "ow" Lou mumbled shrugging the bike off him, then saw his best friend curled into a ball on the side walk, crying in pain.

"Carrots! Whats wrong?" Lou squeaked, his voice still to young to be effected from puberty. He ran over and took his friends hand, his way of letting her know he was here. She let Louis take her little body into his arms, and sobbed onto his little chest, "My ankle! it hurts. Lou, can you take me home? Please?" she said her green eyes looked up at her BooBear. She gave him that nick name when he accidently tore her teddy bears head off. "Of course I can. Im a big boy, and i have muscles!" Lou cried, flexing stupidly trying to make Carrots laugh, and smiled when she giggled.

"But louis i cant walk. You have to carry me" Carrot giggled, holding her small arms up. Louis helped her up, turned around and insturcted Carrots, who was hopping on one leg, to jump onto his back. Then with Carrots little figure on his back, Lou started to trudge up the street.

"What about Donald?!" Carrot breathed into Louis' neck. "Im sure Mr. Matt will get it for me." Lou replied, and certainly, the next day it would've been in Louis' back yard again. Louis carefully carried Carrots to her house, while she told the story about the squirrle, her breath misting in the cold air of Doncatser.

When they arrived Molly rushed over to her little gril, and took her in her arms, while Carrots explained everything. "Louis saved me Mum!" she said, causing Lou to turn a nice shade of pink. "He most certainly did, didnt he? Thank you Louis for taking care of Carrots, now im going to take her to the doctor, im pretty sure she broke her ankle." Molly and Carrots said their good byes, certain that they wouldn't be back in time.

Carrots ankle was broken, so she got a cast  put on. That alone took about an hour or so, and then they had to help her learn how to walk with her new crutches. That took up another hour. When they got back home they found that Jay and Louis, with his little sisters, where still here. "John, come carry Carrots up stairs please" Molly cried when she entered the house. Jay was clearing the table, and her 2 little girls where running around squealing as Lou chased them.

He stopped when he saw Carrots in her cast and her crutches. Guilt filled his eyes, and his best friend knowing him so well, told him reassuringly, "Its not your fault, its the squirrels fault." and she hoblled over and kissed his cheek. Then daddy John walked in scooping his little Veggie up. "hey Carrots, hows my big girl doing?" he said kissing her cheek. "im tired, can Lou and i head to bed now?" Carrots answered rubbing her eyes, and yawning.

Louis faked a yawn, and held his arms to John, who was practiclly his dad, his father having stepped out a couple of years before. "Im tired too." He said and let his eyes droop a little. John scooped up his other Veggie, and carefully walked up the stairs with Jay behind him carrying Carrots crutches.

They walked into Carrots big room, her parents nicely wealthy thanks to John's rank in the Military. He was a general. And he was proud. Carrots room was blue, and had orange stripes going around the wall. Her bed was in the left corner of the room nearer to the door, and she had a carrot shaped carpet in the middle of the room. Her desk was to the right corner nearer to the door, along with her vast collection of books. There was the bay window, and the orange curtains were blowing softly with the breeze flowing through the open window. Carrots wasn't a spoiled girl, and only asked for something when she really wanted it, wich was rare. Her parents, her god parents, and her friends all new she was going to be an amazing person when she grew up, and a really big giver too.

John walked over to the bed, and placed Louis down first. Louis was now really drowsy, and he sat on the bed while John pushed Carrots ballet practice clothing on the floor, then laid his little angel on the bed tucking her in then kissing her forhead gently. He did the same with Louis, gently saying, "Good night Veggies" placing Carrots crutches on the floor next to the bed, and walked out to help Jay and Molly clean the house.

Louis and Carrots cuddled (in the kiddish way though :P -Bunny xxx) and fell asleep. This wasn't their first time sleeping together and it sure wasnt going to be their last.

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