The jaguar

Just a little something as the result of a day full of thoughts and a picture I found pretty.
Hope you like it :)


1. The jaguar

It was standing still, eyes the only thing moving. They were following the prey, a small mare which had gotten just a little too far away from the others. It was eating grass peacefully, not knowing that it was the very last meal it would get. If it had known, it probably wouldn’t have hesitated by walking the small distance to the very green grass less than a mile away. But it didn’t know, and it thought it was still in safe distance to the others. It raised its heavy head and drew a deep breath, let the head fall back down to the grass and the lips run along it to find the best mouthful.

The jaguar put itself in position, the muscles tightened and the tail started to swing - right to left to right to left.

It jumped. Threw itself forward, the paws hit the earth, threw itself forward, the paws hit the earth. Moving fast and confident, closing the distance to the mare, which had finally realized what was happening, when the jaguar’s paws hit IT and no longer the earth. Pain shot through its body, which fell onto the earth on its left side. The legs kicked constantly, trying to find the creature tearing apart its stomach.

But they found nothing. The jaguar was on the spine side of the horse and not in any danger of its wildlife legs. It sunk its claws into the skin of the already bleeding horse and ripped back the paw. A deep flesh wound appeared and new blood ran from it. The jaguar lowered its head towards the open body part of its prey and led its tongue lick up some of the blood. Fresh and warm, just as it was supposed to be.

It decided to take a good, long time to eat the victim of its hunting; it had been a long time since the last piece of animal. But had the jaguar known that that would be its last meal, it would not have hesitated to move on with the eating.

The hunter closed one eye and starred carefully through the aiming point with the other, making sure the bullet would hit the jaguar precisely in the chest.

A shot was fired.


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