Articles for the College Magazine

These are a collection of articles that I have written for my college magazine. I would love to hear your opinions on the topics that I have expressed! CC is appreciated.


2. Dear Prime Minister... On the topic of university fees

Dear Mr. Cameron,

As a sixteen year old girl who is currently working towards her A levels and has the ambition to go to university, I constantly worry about how my future will unfold. Gone were the times where I could dream of becoming an actress or dolphin trainer; I have been released from the safe boundaries of school and have been thrown into the real world. So I have to be practical. To survive, I need a decent job and to get that I need to stay in education and work for those highly required qualifications. But, as I said before, I have to be practical. Higher education requires money, but what happens if you don't come from a wealthy family? Solution: you have to spend three years of your life working hard for a qualification that will enable you to get a job to look after yourself and your family. And to pay off the staggering debt that your education has landed you with. So my question to myself is: 'Is it worth going to university?'

Yes. And why? Because I do not have the nerve to cheat the benefit system nor the luxury of living off my parents. I am independent and have morals. The consequence of this decision? I will live in debt. I will have to pay £9000 each year for just tuition. On top of that are living expenses and having to buy supplies to see me through a degree. Yes, I am aware that I do not have to pay upfront and that this debt will be wiped after thirty years, but I am certainly going to be worse off than the graduates that escaped the rise in tuition fees.

Of course, these eye-watering fees do not reflect the discounted rates offered by Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish universities to applicants who are already residents in the country to whose institution they are applying. The Welsh government provides grants to Welsh applicants such that they only have to account for £3,465 per year wherever they study in the UK. Non-UK EU students who apply to study in Wales also receive grants so they only have to pay £3,465 per year. However, if these non-UK EU students wish to study in Scotland, they don't pay anything at all where as English students have to pay £9000 per year in tuition fees wherever they study in the UK.

In the UK we pride ourselves with equality... or not. Why does the government have such a negligent approach towards equality? Why is there so much prejudice against the English? The tax paying English citizens do not get free prescriptions, do not get free dental care and, as covered before, we certainly do not get free or discounted higher education. If paedophiles and murderers are entitled to free higher education behind bars as it would be against their so-called 'human rights' if these privileges were to be taken away, then why can't academic young adults be rewarded with advanced education without being up to their necks in debt? Shouldn't the government be embracing the new generation of professionals who will pay taxes, mortgages and so forth instead of presenting many people who do have the ability to work with tax payers' money to squander. These people are rewarded for their lazy outlook on life whilst other people have to work very hard to look after their families.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to my views on a topic that worries not only me, but many young English citizens that are in a similar situation. Quite a lot of my friends do not think that it is worth going to university if they are to be riddled in such debt. It really is a shame that academic futures are not encouraged to those who do not come from wealthy backgrounds.


Kind Regards,

(My name)










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