Anayo Lupus, a normal girl? No, she has everything she could need, expect freedom. Why? Because a secert lies in her name.....

(Use google translater from latian to English and type in the title and the character's last name to find out what I have written :) )


2. Frostware

My heart fluttered and the palms of my hands gripped my backpack tighter. I let my eyes roll over the sight of the academy. A peice of paper fluttered in the breeze.


I took in the detail of the door until it yawned open before me. A tall plump waisted woman stood in the doorway. Her smile made me feel warm yet I felt as if she was sizing me up for eating.


I stepped inside and the door closed behind me, I followed the signs until I reached a little door reading "214" my room. I fished the key out of my pocket and opened the door.

"I'm here, I can't turn back now. My first task is to liven up my flat." I muttered as I scanned the dry dull paint of the walls.


I never thought that that job alone would get my my first if only friend....

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