Anayo Lupus, a normal girl? No, she has everything she could need, expect freedom. Why? Because a secert lies in her name.....

(Use google translater from latian to English and type in the title and the character's last name to find out what I have written :) )


3. 214

I put my card into the machine and paid for the groceries, six tins of paint, matches and ten candles that I was buying. I took out my card and signed the bottom of the recipt and walked out of the door.


Halfway up the stairs my grocery bag broke and tins of paint, groceries, matches and candles went all over the floor. Typical..I thought,just typical... I started to pick them up.

"I'll help you."

I looked up and saw a tall boy looking down at me, the matches and some bread was in his hands.

"I'd like help but I don't know your name."

"My name's Damien," he said whilst picking up the tins of paint, "what are you called?"

"My name is Anayo, Anayo Lupus." I smiled, tucking some stray hair behind my ear.


Together we walked up to my aprtment, unaware that as we started painting, watchful eyes were starting to pick up the tinyest change in my eyes.....

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