Distance(sequel to Tell Me a Lie)

Sequel to "Tell Me a Lie"
What happens when Niall goes on tour and Chloe has to go back to school?


2. Your Shirt's Cute

           For the rest of the lunch period, Mia just asked us questions about the boys. She wasn't a huge fan, but she was a fan and she was interested. She seemed really nice and she didn't care that the whole school practically hated us.

           The worst period of the day was chemistry. Carly's best friend, Alyssa was in my class. Since it was our first day of class, the teacher gave us partners according to our last names in the alphabet. Just my luck, my partner was Alyssa. Right when the teacher announced our names, Alyssa got an evil smile on her face and strutted over to me. Today, to get used to the tools in the lab, we were doing mock experiments with water and colored dye.

            "Hows the boyfriend, stalker?" She asked me in a sarcastic tone.

            "He's great. And I'm not a stalker."

            "Sure, hoe."

            I decided to ignore her and continued to pour the dyes and water together, as the teacher instructed us to do. It was Alyssa's turn to pour the dark blue dye.

             "Your shirt's cute," she said, while pouring the dye. I didn't answer. I knew she was trying to annoy me. "Woops, not anymore!" She "accidentally" knocked the blur dye out of her hand and all over my brand new top.

            "Are you FRICKEN kidding me?" I said, standing up, "seriously Alyssa?" I was so angry that I took the red dye and poured it right into her bleach blonde hair. The whole class gasped.

           "THAT'S GONNA STAIN!" She screamed. The teacher came over and was yelling at us, but I was so mad that I didn't listen. Alyssa didn't either, she took the green dye and splashed it right in my face. By now, the whole class was crowding around, extremely entertained by both of us. I got Alyssa right back, dumping a whole bucket of water on her designer shoes. The room was bursting out in chants and laughter.

           Finally, the teacher stood between us. "OFFICE. NOW!" She yelled and escorted us out of the room. I was dripping with colors. My whole outfit and hair was completely ruined. I was a tie dye mess. So much for blending in.

            The principal took us into his office separately. I think Alyssa and I told the same story, that we were just mad at each other and got in a fight. Neither of us said anything about Niall, but the consequences were worse than I expected.

             "In school suspension! The second half of the day for the next two days! Come to my office and you guys can sit for three hours. You guys need to learn to get along, so our lunch lady would absolutely LOVE to have you guys help her out. After lunch for the rest of the week, you guys are washing dishes. Have fun!" Alyssa gave me the FML look and I went to a separate bathroom then her to attempt to wash up. Things could not get any worse.




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