Distance(sequel to Tell Me a Lie)

Sequel to "Tell Me a Lie"
What happens when Niall goes on tour and Chloe has to go back to school?


4. I Would LOVE To Go On a Date With You!

In school suspension sucked for obvious reasons. Working with Carly in the cafeteria was worse. Kathleen went through the same torture that I did every single day for the rest of the week. Only one person other than Mia or Kathleen EVER even glanced my way and smiled at me. It happened to be a guy named Adam, who I bumped in to in the hallway. Instead of laughing at me, he laughed WITH me. He was hot, he was popular, and Carly liked him. So why was he being nice?

                The next time I saw him, he was transferred to my history class. He sat behind me and he kept tapping me to tell me funny things about the teacher. He made me laugh, but I didn’t worry. I wasn’t interested. I loved Niall and nothing could ever change that. It just surprised me that he wasn’t scared by the fact that whenever I passed someone in the hallway they called me a slut, hoe, stalker, or liar. I just needed to get through August and make it to September 15th, when I could finally see Niall and the other boys.

                On September 1st, Adam asked me for my phone and he put his number into it. He knew I had a boyfriend and that I wasn’t interested, but he did it anyways.

                The next day, he texted me and asked me to go on a date with him. When I said no, sorry, I had a boyfriend, he kept sending sad faces. I said I was really sorry but I just couldn’t focus on other guys when I had a boyfriend.

                I didn’t like Adam more than a friend AT ALL. And I knew that if I did, which would NEVER happen, Carly would just hate me even more. She obviously didn’t know that Adam liked me or else I would never be able to step into that school again. But I knew in my heart that I had no interest in Adam. Niall and I talked every single day for as long as we could. He was having so much fun traveling all over while I was stuck at home being bullied. The time differences didn’t help our relationship at all. It cut our talk time shorter.

                After school, two days later Carly decided to show up at my front door. All she had was a magazine in her hands. “Thought you might need some new reading material,” she said. She slipped it right into my hands and I looked at the cover. A picture of Niall, holding hands with a very happy Demi Lovato was on the cover. The headline read, “NIALL AND DEMI HOOK UP IN BRAZIL!” When I saw it, Carly smiled at my expression going blank. She loved seeing me hurt.  I slammed the door right into her face. I ran straight up to my room and cried harder than I thought was possible. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew I wasn’t good enough for Niall and I knew it was probably just a summer romance. This added to all the torture at school made me hate myself more than anything.

              I picked up my phone, ignoring the texts from Niall asking me how I was. I didn’t even hesitate, I texted Adam and told him I would absolutely LOVE to go on a date with him.

                To make myself feel better, I called Kathleen and cried.



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