Distance(sequel to Tell Me a Lie)

Sequel to "Tell Me a Lie"
What happens when Niall goes on tour and Chloe has to go back to school?


1. First Day

                I pulled in to Kathleen’s driveway, pulled out my phone, and texted her that I was there. I was so ready for this first day of my senior year. I was wearing skinny jeans, tan gladiator sandals, and a floral tank top. I hoped that wouldn’t treat me differently because of what had happened that summer, with my boyfriend Niall. When Kathleen finally got in the car, we talked about how we really didn’t know what to expect and what people would say. Especially Carly, the prettiest, most popular girl in the school, who was always competing with us. I didn’t know if I should be scared of what she was going to do, but I told Niall about her and he said to stay strong. I was going to try.

                We pulled up to the high school, and to our delight nobody bothered us. Until I walked into my first class, math, and everyone turned around and stared at me. When I sat down, I could feel their eyes like lasers on my back. But, I didn’t look up. I was scared that I was going to make eye contact with one of Carly’s friends, or even worse, one of the many football players in this class.

                Second, third, and fourth period were all the same, no words from anyone, just glares. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any classes with Kathleen, and Alex dropped out of high school for her modeling career. That left me with no friends and nobody to talk to, just the teacher to listen to and the willpower not to doze off during a lecture.

                Finally, it was lunch. I met Kathleen by her locker and asked her how her day was going.

                “Carly came up to me during biology and ‘accidentally’ knocked my book off the counter. I knew this was going to happen! She’s going to get everyone to hate us. At least we blended it before, but now we just stick out,” she replied.

                “Everyone just looks at me weirdly,” I ended and we went down to the cafeteria. We sat alone, of course. Until a tan girl with gorgeous dark brown hair sat down next to us.

                “Hi, I’m Mia. I’m new here, I hope you don’t mind if I sit next to you guys?”

                “Of course we don’t mind,” I replied.

                When she looked up at us, she studied us for a second and then her eyes got wide.

                “Oh. My. Gosh. You are the girls who know One Direction!”

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