Distance(sequel to Tell Me a Lie)

Sequel to "Tell Me a Lie"
What happens when Niall goes on tour and Chloe has to go back to school?


5. Broken Promises

September 5th. A Saturday. I hated my life. I didn't want to go out with Adam that night. But i also knew in my heart that Niall didn't love me like I loved him, or else he would have never went on that date with Demi. Kathleen was going to come over at 12, in an hour. I didn't feel like getting dressed or getting out of bed. I was too depressed and I would just rather sit there and cry. I loved Niall so much and he didn't even care about me.
I guess Kathleen told Niall that I wAs mad at him because Niall texted me 53 times. All he sent were hearts and texts asking why I was mad. One of them even explained how I was the most beautiful girl in the world and how much he loved me. Well, I knew that it didn't matter how pretty I was. He wasn't mature enough to handle a long distance relationship without letting other gorgeous girls get in the way. So, I wasn't going to answer him until he could figure out what he did wrong on his own.
I tweeted "sometimes people dont turn out to be what you thought they were". Instantly, fans started freaking out, asking what happened. If it was something between me and Kathleen or me and Niall. I didn't know what was even going on myself, so I just left it at that and didn't bother to answer anyone. I guess Niall's twitter blew up too, soon after I tweeted that. Because eventually he tweeted "chloe is my entire world" and that's it. Gosh! He was so stupid that he couldn't even figure out what he did wrong. When I saw that tweet, I quickly logged out of twitter before I started to cry.
Eventually, hunger overcame laziness and I made my way downstairs to my kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal. My mail was on the counter, so I started flipping through the catalogs. Nothing really caught my eye, but I did a double take when I opened the Victoria's Secret catalog. Right there, on the inside cover, in a PINK top and a pair of cheetah print underwear, was Alex.Yes, MY Alex. Zayn's Alex! She was in a Victoria's Secret catalog. I knew she always wanted to be a model but I never knew she would make it this big. I turned on my phone to text her, ignoring all the messages and missed calls from Niall. I didn't want to think about him. It hurt too much. I texted Alex and congratulated her, and told her how gorgeous her shots were. I also asked her if her and Zayn were still a thing.
When Kathleen showed up, she invited herself inside, like she always did. It was a best friend thing. She sat down next to me an urged me to answer Niall. Apparently, since I was mad at him he was being really moody at rehearsals. Liam told her that he kept getting upset over the smallest things and wasn't eating as much. Which was definitely NOT like Niall to do. I explained to Kathleen that Niall had to realize what he did wrong befre I could ever talk to him. She understood and changed the topic. Adam texted me and told me he would pick me up at 6:30 for dinner. I was totally not excited for that. Adam was a really sweet, good looking guy, but he was no Niall. And this date meant way more for him then it meant for me. All I wanted to do was show Niall that if he can't keep his promises, then I didn't have to. Even though I felt terrible going through with it.
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