Strange School: Frankie

Part of the Monster High fanfics by Imogen Green.

Samantha attends a normal high school. Her best friend is Francesca. Nothing strange to see here... If you don't count a high school for monsters. By day, she is known as Francesca Steinson. By night, Frankie Stein.

Francesca Steinson has only been to South High for a while. She already has loads of friends, but her best, Samantha Vinyl. But Francesca has a secret, a secret that will scare the living dead out of Samantha, but can she cope, and fit into Monster High, South's basement?


1. The New Girl

As Francesca Steinson pushed open the doors of South High School for girls, she immediately attracted attention. The buzz was spread all over the school in one minute: Who was the new girl? A girl with shiny bleach blonde hair, smooth pale skin and fern green eyes progressed towards Francesca. Oh no! thought Francesca. Someone! She's noticed me! My freaky super-pale green skin and my scary glowing sky blue eyes, my super OTT style! I bet she's gonna tease me! Shove me! TORTURE ME, EVEN! Francesca took a deep breath.


"Hi." said the girl, plainly.

"Hey- wait WHAT?" replied Francesca, unaware of what the girl had just said.

"Hi. What's your name? I'm Samantha. But you can call me Sam."

"Sure! I'm Francesca. You can call me Frances. Or Frankie. Or Frank! But I prefer Frankie, personally!"

"Ha ha, cool! I guess you're new around here. How old are you? I'm 16." asked Sam.

"I'm 15 da - I mean, I'm 15 years old."

"Were you about to say days? That would've been funny!" Sam laughed. Yeah, in your head. Francesca thought angrily.


The thing is, Francesca isn't Frankie's real name. It's Frankie. Frankie Stein. She's a Frankenstein.


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